I usually write everything in chronological order. Today though, I’m changing that up a bit.  I’m sitting in Mr. D’s room in my new collar and nothing else.  He commanded me to write and to be naked while I did so for him.  I have so much to tell you and I may not get through it all so I thought I’d start with now and work my way back in time.

This morning while Mr. D washed up from the gym, I made us a small breakfast. We ate and talked with his roomie and laughed about last night.  I’ll tell you about last night in the next post.  We were lounging on the couch and Mr. D said, “I want you to go dust my dresser please.” I looked up at him.  This is his new command for me while in public.  This means I’m to drop what I’m doing and go to his room.  I strip and put my collar on then present himself to him on my knees.

I looked up to him for a moment, gauging the seriousness of the order. We had just been laughing and joking, I needed to be sure.  “Now.” He said gently but in a tone that left no doubt.  That was all the confirmation I needed.  I walked into the room and took off my clothes.  I took my collar out of his drawer and started to put it on.  I had not yet put it on myself and was still fiddling with it when Mr. D came in the room.  He turned me around and finished buckling it while I held my hair out of the way.  Once I was collared, I knelt at the foot of his bed, legs spread, hands clasped behind my back, eyes downcast.

He stepped over me to get behind me. I thought he needed something in a dresser drawer but then I felt him against my back.  His hand curled around my neck caressing my sensitive skin above the collar and pulling my gaze up to him.  His hand continued downward, caressing my chest and my breasts.  From one side to the other, his hand caressed and tugged at my nipples.  His other hand pulled my hair back and my eyes met his.  He was so close behind me that I felt a drop of his come land on my clasped hands.  He was as turned on as I was in that moment and I was awed at such a provocative sign of that.  I rubbed the droplet into my skin as he got onto the bed and lay down before me.

“You may rise.” He said as he lay on the bed stroking his cock. I rose to my feet and stood at the end of the bed. “Put your left foot on the edge of the bed and touch your clit.” I lifted my foot and placed it on the footboard.  My hand rubbed my clit while I tried my best to keep my eyes down.  I watched him stroke his cock while I worked my fingers over my already swollen clit.  “Imagine you are an art piece tied and bound in a museum.  You have the hands of many strangers touching you, feeling your face, your body.  They see you and have their hands in your hair, their fingers in your sex.  You are blindfolded and Daddy’s voice whispers in your ear.   You see a void now.  All you know is my voice.  All you feel and sense is me.  Look at my cock.” I was transfixed by the images he created.  I looked at his cock in his hand.  He was so hard.  “You want Daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy, I do.” I could feel the silkiness of him even as I watched.

“There is a lot of pre-come dripping from me because of you. Come lick it off.”  I crawled onto the bed between his legs and licked the come from the tip of his cock.  He continued to talk to me but my attention was captivated by his taste and the feel of his cock on my tongue.  The sensation of him in my mouth is like no other.  The silken skin over the hardness of his muscle drives me to distraction.  And right then he was so very hard; harder and thicker than usual.  I put my lips around the head and circled my tongue around him.  I pulled him deep into my mouth.  I wanted to fill my throat with his girth.  Once I had him all the way in my mouth with my lips wrapped around the base I felt his leg come up around my back.  He pulled his leg in close and I was pushed down on his cock. He began to pull his leg in and out on the back of my neck fucking my throat with his cock.  The mixed feelings of his strong leg forcing me down and his cock fucking my mouth were impassioned.  Just when I was out of air, he would release me and say, “Catch your breath.” As soon as I did then he would wrap his leg around me again.  It was so hot.

Afterwards he fucked me for a short time. He chose not to come and stopped us after a while.  While he was fucking me, though, he saw a look on my face.  “What is that?” He asked.  I couldn’t put it into words.  I was aching for him.  I couldn’t say that right then.  I didn’t know that’s what it was.  His eyes were on me, I felt exposed.  “Ohhh, I see.  It’s need.” I nodded finally.  “Tell me.”

“I need you.”

“Not good enough. Try again.”

“I need you Sir. I need you to use me. I need your domination.” I whispered.  I felt the heat in me rise.  I felt so exposed to him.

“Again.” He said. I moaned. Not again, I thought.

“Sir, I need you to use me! I need to be your fuck toy!” It took everything I had to say it loudly, to say it to him.  He fucked me harder then and as quickly stopped.

“No.” He said as he lay beside me. I was on my stomach next to him.  As our breathing returned to normal I could feel how deep down the rabbit hole this mind fuck sent me.

As we rested he said, “Dust.” My new position is to have my face level with his cock, my cheek on his thigh and my body wrapped around his leg. I feel so completely submissive to him in this position.  My only view is of his manhood.  I am slave to him now, this is my place.

While I’ve been writing this, he was having a drink and a smoke. He just came in and undressed.  He lay on the bed before me and began to masturbate. I could barely concentrate on the writing.  My pussy is throbbing.  The sounds of the porn and the sounds of his hand covered with lube stroking him cock are driving me mad.  I am sitting like a good girl but all I want to do is be with him.  I want to hear him yell out and come deep inside me.  We’ve had sex several times this weekend and he hasn’t come.  Now, I am collared and slave.  His come is for him to give and me to take as he chooses.  As turned on as I am, I’m also saddened.  I will learn that when I’m collared it is not for me to want but for me to serve.  I will take my joy in serving him and in being dominated.  It is a wildly more intoxicating gift than any other desire I have.

“Slut, come here.” I put aside the laptop and sat on the bed by his stroking hand. I could tell by his breathing that he was very close.  I put my lips on the head right above his hands and as he came I sucked all his come in my mouth.  He shoved me down on his shaft and convulsed as I swallowed his load.

“Thank you.” I heard him say as he convulsed the last time. My happiness in my place is so present now.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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