Back End Games

It was Sunday.  We had our weekend together and it was nice.  He practiced golf with the boys.  I grocery shopped, we went to the gym…basic stuff, relaxing regular life.  The Wednesday before, we had played and he had tried anal.  I begged out of it.  Daddy is quite well endowed.  Not only is he long, he is also very girthy. The length is not an issue for anal sex but the girth…that is a whole other thing. 

It has taken me a long while to get prepared for him.  But I am now and occasionally we do have anal sex.  That Wednesday I was not in the right place to have anal sex.  I have to relax completely and he has to spend time working me back there to get me ready.  That particular night I couldn’t relax at all and we were rushed because it was a weeknight.  I felt badly for stopping him but I was so tense and he was going to hurt me if I hadn’t have stopped him.

So, by the weekend, I really wanted to make it up to him. He had taunted me with it on Saturday saying he wouldn’t then but soon.  On Sunday it was really on my mind to say yes.  I was between his legs sucking his cock.  He looked down at me and caught my attention.  “Tonight you will be used for my pleasure.  Prepare yourself for the darkness. Tonight you have no choice. I will use every hole you have.  Do you understand?”  

“Yes Daddy.” I love when he chooses to use me for himself.  There is something so hot about being used.  I’m his slut in those moments.  I am there to fulfill his need, nothing more.  It sends me to some dark place of my own.  All I want is to please him, to give him everything he asks for, to do his bidding no matter how base and depraved it could be. I love the sacrifice.

After I sucked him and he filled my throat with his bulbous cock head, he turned me over on my side.  His cock slid in my sex and his fingers filled my ass.  Slowly at first, his finger loosened my tight little back hole.  The more he fucked me the more I wanted him in the ass. 

“Please fuck my ass Daddy.  I want you to fill me there.” He got out the Hitachi and put it between my legs.   It began to vibrate my clit and put me in a different place.  One where the pleasure governed and the pain meant nothing.  

“Bend your legs up baby girl.” I curled into a fetal position like he asked.  I wasn’t sure of this position, I was thinking he’d take me in our usual position.  Typically, when he wants my ass, he puts me on my side with one leg between his and the other bent up towards my chest.  Tonight though, he wanted both legs up.  He worked his fingers inside me with lube and slow strokes.  I was talking to him I think. 

“Yes Daddy, please fuck my ass.  I want you deep inside me.  I want you filling me there.” The Hitachi was making my clit throb and jump from the constant vibration. I wanted him badly now.  He bent down behind me and pushed his blunt cock into my ass.  I relaxed as he commanded but I always balk right when he pushes in the first time.  I just know I’m going to tear wide open.  I feel him push in and it’s fine until he gets to his widest girth.  Then I start to panic.  I breath fast and hope and pray that I don’t tear.  But then he’s through and buried deep inside my ass.  When he starts to move, I moan involuntarily.  My body is his in that moment. I have no control over myself. I moan like some wild animal and I say things to him.  I’m not sure what exactly except it’s along the lines of babbling, “Daddy, daddy, daddy, god yes, please, yes.” Or some equally brilliant prose.

“What am I doing baby girl?” He thrusts deeper and faster now.  My body has only slightly given way to him.  I have to stay completely relaxed or the pain will come again. The Hitachi serves to distract me as I begin to climb the wave of an orgasm.

“You’re fucking my ass Daddy.”

“Whose ass?” Crap.

“Yours Daddy.  It’s yours, it belongs to you.”

“Damned right it does.” He thrusts and thrusts again while my body stretches to give in to his will in this onslaught.

“What do you want slut?” Oh god, want do I want?  I can’t think! I’m so close to coming and he’s pumping into me so hard and fast now.

“Fill my ass, yes, that’s it Daddy.  Please fill my ass.”  A moment, maybe two pass as he thrusts deeper and harder then I hear him yell out.

“Come with me baby girl.”  His body shuddered and he injected his hot load into me.

That was a much, much better way to finish our anal play.

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