I was a little drunk, just a little.  Daddy used a feather duster and tickled my fancy with it.  🙂

I was drifting on a sea of sensation.  The feathers tickled my feet and my legs, then my thighs and my sex.  You would think feathers would not really do much.  But on my pussy they were intense and provocative.  The way he tantalized my sex with those fluttery bits of fluff was enough to drive me wild.  Each tap, tap, tap would somehow flick my clit and drive me further over the edge.

Then he used the hard intensity of the cane as a counterpoint.  Pain then pleasure. When he flipped me over, I was over eager for him to take me.  I begged him.  He winds me up and I must beg him before he’ll give me what I need.  It just kills me but it also spins my need for him to fuck me beyond any need I’ve ever felt.

As he finally fucked me he continued to use the evil cane.  He tap, tap, tapped it on my breasts.  Short easy little taps then a couple hard shocking snaps.  One fell right on my nipple and I could feel the pain bloom inside my breast and spread throughout my body.  It is pain like that that makes me despair when I don’t slip over into that elusive subspace.  God, I wish I was there at times like those.  But it was not to be.  I needed to be in the moment with Daddy so I was. 

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