Consistency isn’t one if my best traits.  I do try very hard to stay consistent.  I know it’s a battle for me so I put a lot of effort towards it.  This lack in my character lends to spontaneity, interest in new things and some other beneficial traits but still I know it’s one of my downfalls.

One time I had a job interview.  They gave me a test.  When I met the HR Director afterwards, I asked her about it.  She told me that the test indicated I needed to be challenged.  I would be great in the position for about 18 months, would perform it better than most but then I’d grow bored and she’d be looking for someone new.  I have always remembered that each time I get that antsy feeling at work.  I’m 10 years in my current position but it’s different all the time so I guess I found my niche.

This behavior spills over into other  parts of my life too.  I don’t always care to cook dinner every night.  But I love cooking for special occasions. I write volumes and then not at all.  I paint many paintings then take a ten year break.  But I know what my downfall is and I continue to work to be consistent.  

One day at a time.  One morning at a time.  One journal entry at a time.  One, one, one.

Happy Wednesday.

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