Daddy texted me while I was inside getting dressed and he was outside smoking a cigar.  “You have a choice, go do something or stay home and have a session.” Was he kidding?  When would I ever choose something else over a play session? He’s my addiction and having him lead in a play session is what I live for. I knew, though, that he was sore so I wasn’t sure.  I checked in first to make sure he was ok.  

As soon as the roommates left for a movie, we got up and moving.  Daddy brought the spanking bench into the house and I moved some of the roomies’ Christmas things out of the way. 

“Strip.” He said while sitting on the couch fiddling with his phone. I didn’t know what he was trying to do there but I stripped and knelt before him, waiting like a patient girl. He stopped to look up and take in the sight of me then he kissed me passionately. 

“Slut, I will give you a task and only if you do it well will you get up on the bench.” This was out of left field but okay, I thought. “See over there where you pulled all the electronics out of the wall moving that chair?” I looked over my shoulder and sure enough, all the cords from the entertainment center were on the floor. Oops.

“Oh. Yes Daddy.” I blushed.  Sometimes I am not as aware as I’d like to think I am. 

“You are to crawl over to that wall and plug everything back in then crawl back. Only if you shake your ass nicely enough for me will we play. Understand?” I swallowed hard.

“Yes Daddy.” What you may not know about me is that I am not a performer.  I’m not attention seeking in that way at all.  I’m more attention averse than anything else. When I think of myself as shy, it is in this capacity. I love people and am never hesitant to talk to them.  But to put myself out there like this is huge.  I recently got in trouble with Daddy for balking in a similar situation. I may be mortified doing this but I wasn’t going to disappoint him again so soon.

I was already on my knees.  I turned from his lap and crawled slowly across the floor.  My mind was going the whole time.  Please your Daddy, do what he wants, forget it’s embarrassing, this is for him. I stopped part way and shook my ass up and down for him.  I let it bounce.

“That’s right baby, twerk it for me.” I turned eight shades of red when I heard that. I never in a million years thought I’d twerk anything but here I was.  Then I continued to the wall and plugged everything back in.  At that point, I realized I had a choice.  Turn around and crawl back or give Daddy more show.  So, instead of turning, I backed towards him so he got more view of the ass he wanted.  I stopped half way again and bounced my ass up and down for him.  I didn’t hesitate after that and got right back to him. 

“Nice touch Slut.” He praised upon my return.  I have no idea what my bouncing looked like.  I’d probably be so mortified if I watched it myself.  But I was really proud that I did as asked.  I hoped he had liked it. 

He turned some music on his phone and it came on his speaker. Oh! That’s why he knew the system was unplugged. Sometimes, I get hyper-focused and miss the big picture. 

“Up on the bench Love.” Now for my favorite.  My little inner girl got giddy and mentally clapped her hands, yay. I received a lovely flogging.  It was one of the therapeutic kind where it feels so relaxing and I drift along in the sensations he gives me.  So nice for a slow Saturday afternoon.

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