Today I am looking forward.  I’m still moving through sluggish waters but each day is better and less filled with the slowness from before.

Christmas was a beautiful time.  The imminence of guests and family arriving kicked my ass in gear.  I cooked the entirety of our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.  It made me happy to have family to feed and to care for.  Daddy was here every day and we got to sleep together Christmas Eve.  It felt right and relaxed.  I was so tired after marathon cooking and entertaining but still we laid down and after a couple minutes of snuggling I wanted him.

Something about being in contact with him makes me awaken even if I was falling asleep right before. I touch him and my body responds.  He said no.  Damn it.  Daddy knows best but damn it anyway.  Being taken care of is a beautiful thing even if I don’t always get what I want. Daddy is better at planning and at being regimented than I am.  I try to follow his lead and do as he says.  In those moments my little girl wants to pout and get her way.  

As recently happens, I have much to write and am slow to start.  I am stopping in today to start my pen flowing again. I hope you all had a lovely holiday, whichever one you celebrate.

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