He Took Me

I do have stories to tell you about how he took me. Mr. D and I have had some hot times together recently.  The last one especially.  Today, though, I have something else in mind.  I have been writing only our experiences and escapades of late.  I haven’t been doing any journaling.  It would be good for me to journal a bit.  Not that I want to bore you with rambling but there are many things, lifestyle related, that are rumbling around in my mind so I thought I’d talk about them and see if it shakes anything loose.

I really value having this place to come and talk. It helps me put my thoughts in a manageable order so that I can move forward with certainty.  Knowing that likeminded kinky people are listening and have such an amazing outlook also helps.  So, thank you for your comments and thoughts.  I really appreciate the time and love.

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