Baby Girl

I dressed for Daddy last night.  I wore a light blue and lace baby doll dress with my long blonde hair in pigtails.  I had girly earrings and a pair of tall cork wedges with flowers.  A baby girl for Daddy.  No panties.  No bra.  Just a girly girl for Him.

I walked in and could smell dinner just about ready in the oven.  He was sitting on the couch and I felt a little thrill when he groaned looking up at me to say, “I see what you have on your mind.”

“I have you on my mind Daddy.” I leaned down and kissed him slowly.

“Turn around.  Let me see this.  Slowly…slowly.”  I turned for him in between his legs.  When my back was to him he lifted my short dress to see that I had nothing on under it.  I heard a strangled noise come from him. “We’re going to burn dinner.  Let me turn off the oven.”

He pulled a beautiful tray of sliced sweet potatoes and seasoned brussel sprouts out of the oven.  I felt a bit chagrined.  He worked so hard and it was a beautiful dinner that was going to get cold. He could have us eat dinner first, I thought. “Come now, I want to unwrap you.” Nope, we weren’t eating.

He closed the door and I knelt for him.  Finally, in my place and dressed appropriately for Daddy. I straightened my back and held my hands behind me for him.  He bent down and kissed me with passion. Then he took his finger and touched the underside of my chin raising it up.  He knows how much this makes my heart race.  I feel exposed and vulnerable, never knowing how much he’ll assault my neck with his mouth and teeth. “I just want to bite it.” He whispered then moved in to suckle my neck.  His lips spread fire down the side of my chin all the way down my neck.

While I panted and tried to catch my breath Daddy turned his desk chair to face me and sat down in front of me with his cock out. He leaned in towards me and I quickly said, “May I, Daddy?” His hand on the back of my head was his reply.  My lips sucked his bulbous head into my mouth and my tongue moistened the way for his cock to slide further in my mouth.  With him sitting, it was easier for me to lean forward and suck him. He must have laid back in the chair because I found I had more access to him and slid my mouth all the way until he was deep in my throat.  Sometimes the position is just right and I don’t have to work at positioning, he just fills my throat easily.  This evening was one of those times. I pushed my face into his body and swallowed him down into my throat.  I heard him moan and say, “Oh baby, that’s so good.”

That was music to my ears.  I worked all the harder to please him and suck him and fit him deep down in my throat.  A couple times he grabbed my hair and held me to him.  I did my best to swallow and submit fully to him.  I want to give him the most amazing deep throat he’s ever had.  I won’t stop learning and trying until I do.  The second time he clutched me to his cock I choked and he eventually let go.  I gasped and took in air while he stood up. Kissing me he said, “You did well baby girl.” Those words made my heart swell. Pleasing him and serving him fill me with joy.

“Come stand here and lean over the bed.” He pulled my dress off and I stood at the side of the bed, leaning over until my upper body was pressed to the bed. He put the blindfold on me. His fingers probed my pussy and his cock pushed up against my ass.  I spread my legs wider and lowered bit to help.  The bed is so tall it wasn’t working.  “Get up on the bed, it will be safer and more comfortable for your legs.” I mounted the bed on my hands and knees lowering myself until my ass was pushed out over the edge of the bed.  My face was in my hands.  He put a vibrator on my pussy and next his mouth was on my ass.  He had told me in text earlier that he wanted to taste me there.  The sensation is utterly intense. Soft, wet and provocative, his tongue traced around my tight little hole until I was going crazy with lust.  

“Stay right there.  Understand?  Do not move.” He returned and pushed two pillows between my legs.  Then the Wand was wedged up to my sex and turned on.  I knew what he wanted.  He wanted my orgasm.  The vibration began to work on me. His tongue returned to my tiny puckered star.  I was in a heavenly place of pleasure.  He lifted his head and I felt something push against my asshole.  “Your ass is mine.  You gave it to me, didn’t you? Didn’t you?” 

“Yes Daddy.”  I lifted my head to answer.

“Yours is the only ass I have ever fucked.  You’re the only one to have the courage.  The only one brave enough to give that to me.  The only one.” He pushed what I decided was an anal plug further inside me as he talked. “And what did I do? I took it from you. I ravaged it.” I nodded.  I was vibrating closer to an orgasm and I was waiting for the large part of the plug so his words were slow to sink in.  Was he talking about the last time we were together?  He had taken my ass relentlessly that night.

“Relax baby.” His hand on my back calmed me as he pushed the plug all the way in. “There.” I felt it pump up a bit and then I knew which plug it was.  A black beast that can be inflated once inside. “Your ass is mine.  And your pussy is mine too.” His fingers pumped into me as a staccato to his wards. I moaned out loud. “Your ass is mine but I’m gong to fuck this pussy tonight.  This will have my cock deep in it, do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” I was on the edge of cumming.  His fingers and the plug pumped me in unison as the wand twisted me tighter and tighter. “But you’re going to have to beg for it.” Oh, that’s what he wants!  I was so wound I would have done anything for his cock right then.  Beg? No problem!

“Please Daddy!  Please fuck me!  Please, please put your cock in me.  Please!” I must have sounded very pathetic and begged with enough angsty need because he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and had me flip over. Yes!

He mounted me with the plug still in and began to fuck me.  It was what I wanted so desperately.  He filled every inch of me with his cock while I moaned and the butt plug continued to vibrate inside me.  Until the wand shut off I hadn’t noticed that the plug was vibrating too.  

“Cum for me.” He said with the exertion of his own burgeoning orgasm in his tone.  I tried to make my body obey but it wasn’t to be. “Cum for me!” He thrust harder and deeper as I wrapped my legs around him.  As my body stretched around him the plug popped out. Just then he cried out and filled me with his seed.  

It turned out to be a spectacular night even though dinner was cold.

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