From Daddy

This is the letter Mr. D sent me before I lifer on my trip.  I was so concerned to be leaving him.  I’m so glad I’m back. And I’m beyond touched and grateful to have a Daddy like him.

Sitting here after visiting you thinking how very lucky I am. Knowing you are mine and loving the connection and value we cherish each other with makes me giddy.  You are going on a blink of a trip to a wonderful place in support of a dear friend. I love everything about that. That you cherish him enough to be there when needed. And it is needed with him. Not because he has no one else but because it shows the lengths you go to support those who need you. I need you and that is reassuring to me.  

You get to visit your little brother and share an experience in Europe that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. That’s Karma blessing your trip.  

I love you and three weeks will seem like forever but I love everything about you and this trip and circumstance. You deserve wonderful and exceptional. I hope that the trip embodies all that is right with your friend and brings him a sense of joy and peace that I don’t think he has presently. You can be that catalyst in his life.  

Baby Girl people love you and clamor to you. You have a rich life in the people and family you nurture and that is a gift. Treasure it.  

You are my future. You may be my destiny. But whatever brought us together I am grateful.   

No more tears. No more worries. Daddy loves you and cherishes you. He doesn’t stipulate how or when just that it is. That is enough and more.  

Love you,


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