“May I suck your cock Daddy?” I was snuggled up at his side, my hand on his cock, on his body, everywhere I could reach.

“You’d better.” He said.  I am required to ask first.  It just kills me, I don’t know why.  Several reasons I guess.  I must voice my desire, sometimes hard for me.  I can’t just surprise him.  I can’t control the action.  He is in control. I get nervous to ask every time.  Even if for a slight second I feel myself hesitate.  Then I finally ask and I feel his power overwhelm me. He didn’t have to do a thing yet I am controlled.  I feel the heat and need grip my sex just writing this. The best is when he tells me no.  Damn that twists me up in the best way, insanely good.

I knelt between his spread legs. His cock at attention.  I can feel it in my mouth even now.  Silky smooth and so wide he stretches my mouth open uncomfortably.  I take him in.  I pamper his cock. I let it slide into my wet mouth, moistening it.

I feel his head hit the back of my throat.  I align my body, I angle my neck, I open my mouth differently than I did before, then his cock slides back further.  I focus on his breathing, on the fit of his girth in my throat.

After a while, while I was running my tongue over his ball sac and feeling the little ridges rise and fall; he said, “Baby, I want you to get on top of me.”

We don’t do this position as much as others.  I have a bad wrist so it’s a challenge plus I never feel like I get the thrust power Daddy gets on top.  I’m sure I need practice to achieve that.    I crawled up on top of him.  I lifted up and put him inside me.  I wriggled down on his cock until it was all the way in me to the hilt. 

I felt him lean over tipping me to the side.  I wondered what he was doing until he righted himself and he had the wand in his hand.  Now I understood what he wanted.  He put the wand between us and turned the cursed thing on.  I wasn’t ready for that at all.  I had been fully focused on pleasing him.  My mind was not on myself in the least bit. As the vibration began to warm me I began to fuck him.  What Daddy wants Daddy gets.

I rode him.  My thighs gripping him, my body perpendicular to his with his cock speared deep inside me.  The vibrations coursed through me and I felt my body respond. His eyes were on me.  He was watching the passion overtake me, watching my breasts bounce, watching the expressions on my face.  This was for him.  He put me on him like a trophy on a mantle and watched me.

With the feel of his cock moving through me and the vibrations steamrolling over me is wasn’t long before my body gave him what he wanted.  I had no control.  The wave of passion and shocking pleasure took me away as I came hard on top of him.

He pulled the wand out and let me fall on him, draped like a blanket over his body.  I shuddered and breathed deep as he petted me and said, “Thank you my Love.”

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