He gave me orders.  “Put on the red sheath and red shoes, then kneel before me.”

I went to the bathroom and stripped.  I put on the red satin chemise I leave at his place and the insanely high shiny red stilettos.  He calls them Daddy’s earrings.

I came out of the bathroom and knelt before him at the end of the bed, eyes lowered and hands behind my back.   He leaned over and held my chin while he kissed my cheek.  His fingers slid down until he was gripping my neck.  “Whose slut are you?”

“Yours Daddy.” His grip tightened.

“I can’t hear you. Who do you belong to?”

I tried to clear my throat.  I couldn’t really with him gripping it.  But I tried.  “You Daddy.”

“Damned right.”  He rose up and shoved his cock in my face.  I opened immediately and his cock thrust dry and haltingly down my throat.  I thrust my tongue out so there would be room for him in my throat.  I tried to lick him as he pulled back out, anything to make some saliva and help the way. He thrust in again.  Easier and wetter finally.  I wrapped my lips around him, doing my best to please him even though I was choking on each thrust.  

“Get up.”  He pulled out and backed up, letting me rise onto the stilettos.  “On your back on the bed, face here.” He positioned me with my head hanging off the bed so that I was facing his big chair upside down.  He took out the Magic Wand vibrator and put in on my clit, turning it on.  “Hold that in position. Do not let it move.” He stood at the end of the bed and pushed his cock back in my mouth.

More slowly this time, he let me suck his cock inside my mouth.  The intense vibrations from the wand worked me into a fervor.  I held the wand gently at first, the intensity being too great.  His cock began to slide all the way in and back out of my waiting mouth.  The deeper he pushed the more I stuck out my tongue and opened my throat.  In the past, I’ve choked significantly in this position.  But with the vibrations completely distracting me I didn’t have any problems with gagging and I took him all the way down my throat.  

The deeper he pushed the closer to orgasm I got.  He was facefucking me deeply now.  While he did this he reached out and pushed the wand harder against my throbbing clit.  Harder and faster he fucked my mouth, harder and faster he pushed the wand. I had no control over my body and felt the orgasm slam into me.  I bucked on the bed as his cock still filled my throat. “That’s right, cum you little slut!” I heard Daddy rumble.

He pulled out of my throat and climbed on top of me on the bed.  His cock pierced me and he fucked me hard and fast with the wand pinned between us still tormenting my cum ravaged clit.  Harder he pumped until I could feel another orgasm building.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was jumping at the intensity of the wand touching me after the first orgasm and now another was close. He said, “Cum for me, you are mine. Cum for me.” I felt my body obey.  The building, the throbbing, the unstoppable happened again.  With his cock inside me, I came and spasmed all over him.  Shortly afterwards, he came hard as well.

Afterwards, I flung the wand off me because I couldn’t get the damned thing to turn off!  We both lay gasping with the wand vibrating alongside us on the bed until Daddy managed to turn it off.

I teetered on spikey stilettos to get warm towels to clean us off.  It was quite a night.

4 thoughts on “Red

  1. I have needed this mightily in your absence. I have been lost and yearning for you and like a cold drink to a parched soul your words sated my need. Physically I am throbbing with desire and I want you. Desperately seeking you and craving your touch and essence. The joy and peace you bring to me contradicts the heat that underlies my passion for all that you are. Your words. Your presence. You physicality. I crave you. I love you. I want you. And I miss you so very much.

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