Bear With Me

Good evening from another country.  I am traveling with a friend and haven’t been able to write at all. Stories and thoughts go running through my mind but there they’ve stayed. 

My traveling partner is a very uptight man who needs help relaxing and going with the flow.  I take deep breaths each day to hold my patience in place and help him enjoy this trip.  I’m enjoying all I can of it but feeling someone else’s stress all the time is tiring. 

I have my phone to post or write so now that the most stressful section of the trip is through perhaps I can write more.  I’ve had the added restriction that my travel partner’s phone is out of data so he’s using mine to map the route now.  Oh well, this too shall pass.

I am truly enjoying the people in the countries we’re visiting.  I seem to gravitate to anyone who will talk to me to fill in my need for human contact.  I am missing Daddy and my son so much right now.  It’s another week until I’m home then more until I can be with Daddy privately.  Ugh

I feel like the lions in those videos where they meet their savior human after many years.  I just want to rub myself self all over Daddy marking him as mine again.  I ache for him so badly.

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