Best Sex Bloggers of 2015 Nominations

I love reading Best Of lists.  They give you great leads for finding some amazing bloggers and writers.

Rori at Between My Sheets has a fabulous annual Best Sex Bloggers contest each year.  You can check out the ongoing nominations or vote for your favorites here:

I thought I’d post about it and share my nominations for this year. I want to support some of the amazing writers I’ve met during the past year on WordPress.

First is Besos de Cuero.  What an incredible storyteller.  I’m posting a link to the first chapter of her Slave Tales, The Hunt.  Once you start reading it you won’t be able to help yourself.

The Woman Invisible is a very deep well of womanhood and sexual exploration.  She tells all about her affairs and exploits in a land of questionable men in the post-divorce dating arena.  I admire her for her strength and her constant pursuit of great sex and illusory love.

Tall, Dark and Dominant is a very sensual read.  He is very knowledgable of the lifestyle and gives well received guidance but it’s his downright hot and steamy writing that keeps me coming back.

Married Submissive writes about how she and her husband have grown and braved the change of their relationship from a vanilla marriage to a Dominant/submissive dynamic.  I appreciate being allowed to walk a little in her shoes.

Dark Gem Dom is a very real Dom who is open and honest about all his layers of personality.  I enjoy his very masculine way of exposing the dark side for us to see.

I have many more I would nominate but I have to admit to having very little reading time of late so I will stop here. The main point is to get out there and enjoy all the amazing writers we have here that help cheer us along on our own sexual journeys.

6 thoughts on “Best Sex Bloggers of 2015 Nominations

  1. Wow! I’m kind of taken aback. I’m really honored to mentioned here. Especially in the company of the other bloggers mentioned – some really good ones I’ve been following and admire too – and of course by you!.
    Thank you so much!
    It really makes a difference to know someone likes what you write and maybe you have entertained them and perhaps even turned them on 🙂
    Thank you again!


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