The Drive

On the drive home from Mexico something happened.  Mr. D told me to play with myself.  I leaned back in the car seat next to him with one foot up on the dash and my skirt hiked up. My fingers buried in my sex.  

The music played.  The cars went drifting past on either side.  My fingers rubbed my clit and Mr. D’s voice filled my head. “Rub your clit and pinch your nipple.  You’re going to cum for me.  Do you understand?” I nodded and watched as his eyes met mine then went back to the road. My fingers moved faster on my clit.  I had been practicing playing with myself so I could cum for him.  I desperately wanted to please him.  My body was slow to start and became even more sluggish under the pressure to perform.  God I hope I can do this for him.  Tune out everything and cum for Daddy.  You can do this, you have practiced for this!

His fingers joined mine in my crotch, his pushing inside me.  It felt provocative and erotic to have him finger fucking me in the car traveling down the highway. “Keep those fingers moving slut,  you’re going to cum for me.” This was intense and still my body was not reacting nearly enough to cum.  I was hot and flustered, wet and gushing on his fingers but I was starting to worry more than enjoy this. 

He took his hand from my pussy and sucked on his fingers, tasting me.  That was hot.  It thrills me to see him do that. Every time. He picked up his phone. I lifted my head and watched him, trying to understand.  He never picks up his phone while driving.  “Keep going slut.”  I went back to playing with myself as commanded.

I heard the radio change from music to someone talking. I realized after a few words that it was the audio of our favorite porn scene.  I had found a scene where an Immigration Agent coerces a young hot woman to have sex with him so he won’t deport her.  It’s the perfect predicament scenario, the kind Mr. D  and I both love.  The male actor in it is an especially mean SOB and treats her to some intense dominance and rough sex.  It is so hot and raw.  I didn’t have to see it, just hearing it was exactly what I needed.

“Now, my little slut.  You are going to cum for me or you are going to beg me to stop.  Do you understand?  One or the other. Got it?”  I nodded vigorously.

“Yes Daddy.” My fingers flew over my clit.  I ached to please him and now the sounds of that sadistic agent fucking the girl’s throat filled the car.  I moaned along with her.

“Listen to that Motherfucker feed her his cock. I want to do that to you right now.” His fingers pumped me while I continued to rub my aching clit.  The raw sounds of throat fucking and Daddy’s voice in my ear were winding me up like a top. We sped through the desert at top speed passing dozens and dozens of trucks.  I’m sure many truckers that day got a fine show. My body arched, my foot pushing into the dash, my ass lifting off the seat.  I was on the edge of cumming.

“Get it baby girl, my little slut. Listen to him.  Listen to what he’s doing to her. He is not a nice man. I’m not a nice man either.  You are going to cum or beg me.  Better start begging me now.” His fingers pumped me hard.  My body was convulsing, my mind was completely soaked with the horrendous need to cum and still my body would not plunge over the edge.  This insanity was going to push me over some edge but to where I had no idea.

His hand moved to my breasts.  He pulled up my shirt and grabbed the closest nipple hard.  I cried out but oh how I needed that pain.  His hand slapped my nipple and grabbed it again.  The pain and pleasure of it together were so provocative.

“Please Daddy, please.” The sounds of wild fucking filled the car.  I wanted him, I couldn’t see straight, my body was buckling under the pressure and still I didn’t cum.  I trembled and begged him. “Please Daddy, please let me stop.” I sobbed with sadness and need and desperation.  “Please fuck me Daddy.  I need you inside me.” My fingers kept moving, I had to keep going until he said I could stop.

As I heard the sounds of the woman on the stereo crying and cumming, I opened my eyes and saw Mr. D pull off a freeway exit.  Thank God, yesssss. He was getting off the freeway, I was wild to have him.  My sex addled brain rejoiced.

“Baby girl, you can stop.” I felt relief and disappointment and heat and damn I wanted him.  He pulled into a turn around off a dirt road and parked.  He pulled back his seat and unzipped his pants.  He looked at me and I knew the command.  I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth.  Still the porn wailed in our ears, my lips sliding up and down his shaft.  I was ecstatic to have him in my mouth.

After a few minutes he pushed me off of him. His eyes were as passion glazed as mine. “Stay there.” I wondered what he was doing until he got out of the car and opened my door. “Turn on your side and face the inside of the car.” I rolled on my hips as he asked, my ass sticking out of the car door.  He stepped in the car with one foot and lifted me onto his cock.  His pants slipped down and he fucked me hard and fast until he came deep inside me.

He pulled up his pants and returned to his seat.  We had just finished and we’re both still panting and out of breath.  He pulled me to him and said, “You are such a good girl!”  I felt my whole body, mind and heart burst with love and happiness at those words.

And still in the background the moans of porn girl and the rush of the nearby freeway played on.

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