I updated the post titled “Submit.” I realized, in rereading it, that I had left a key part out.  

You can read it here. https://enigmaticamor.com/2015/09/27/submit/

During our intense tryst that day Mr. D had slapped me and it left me jarred. We had friends over after that and finally went to bed at the end of the evening.

I felt like we had a really nice evening with our friends but still felt a vulnerable space in my heart from earlier that day. My emotions were slightly on edge and then we began to tangle with each other again.  Mr. D was full of the darkness that is his dominance.  It was not filtered or held back. 

We began to fuck and he told me to play with myself.  “You will cum for me tonight.  You will rub that little clit of yours until it falls off if you have to, understand? Either cum or you will be fucked on the ass.” I blanched.  I couldn’t cum that night.  I could tell, I was already too emotional for there to be any chance of that.

“If you’re going to be my slave you will do as I say, no excuses.” I nodded and whimpered in reply.

“Tell me you can’t cum.  Then your ass is mine.” I rubbed my clit so damned hard.  We had tried anal sex earlier in the day.  I wasn’t ready and it had hurt.  I knew it would be painful if we tried again now.

“Give up slut.  I want to fuck your ass.  Come on and fail, I know you won’t cum.  Give in to me now.”  I cried and shook my head.

He knew the pressure would break me. He knew I’d give in.  I wanted to be his slave but how could I if I couldn’t even cum for him? Masters need to be in complete control of their slaves.  I was a failure before we even started.

“Tell me to fuck your ass.  Give in now.”  He was giving me a way out. It was just a painful way.  One he knew I didn’t want to take that night. 

“No Daddy. Please.” I whimpered and bit my lip even though I knew he hated that.  Quickly, I opened my mouth and moaned to cover up my mistake.

“Tell me I can fuck your ass. Then you can stop.” I couldn’t hold out any longer.  I didn’t care if there was pain.  I only wanted a way out and one he’d let me take.

“Ok…ok Daddy.  Please, fuck my ass.  Please let me stop, please fuck my ass.”  I sobbed and gave him what he wanted.   I would take the pain over disappointing him.  I wound give in to make it stop.  

“Tell me again.” 

“Fuck my ass Daddy, you can fuck my ass.” I cried out and felt him thrust one last time and cum hard inside me. I shook and sobbed and was so thankful he came because it meant my ass was safe for the night.

Afterward, he told me he was deliberately testing me.  If we were going to take this step towards erotic slavery, it would change things.  He wanted me to see how much it would change.

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