Instigator – Part One

Mr. D and I had a perfect long weekend with our friends in Mexico.  We were with El Jefe, Goddess and another couple.  Daddy asked me, while we were planning for the weekend, what toys I wanted him to bring.  I said, “All of them.” 🙂 Well, he did ask.  Can’t hurt to have options, right?  We drove down to a resort on the inland sea and had a penthouse suite with a room for each couple, a kitchen and two balconies.  It was a big slice of heaven. The first night, after dinner, we were all sitting together and talking.  Mr. D told the others that I asked him to bring all the toys.  It was a good opener.  He proceeded to lay out all the toys on the coffee table one-by-one.  Three of the four others are into the lifestyle occasionally and have played with Mr. D at one time.  The fourth, Coupe, was our unknown.  He knows the group is kinky but we didn’t really know his level of interest.

Everyone was interested in the toys, especially the violet wand.  The one we have is not the high powered kind.  It is more for sensory play.  Painted Lady was quite interested.  She made noises and Mr. D pushed her to try it.  It was fun watching him educate the group and watch them play with the wand on Painted Lady.  We wrapped up the evening and went to sleep.

The next day, we went down to the pool.  The pool had a swim up bar and the three girls and Coupe went down first.  I had met Painted Lady once before but I learned much more about her this trip.  She has beautiful, flawless skin and is a little standoffish in the way of an elegant lady.  It gives Mr. D endless entertainment to continually push her buttons.  Goddess wasn’t feeling perfectly well so we were watching out for her.  She hadn’t felt good the night before but the frilly drinks at the bar were helping us all feel good.  Coupe is a younger man.  Younger than most of our group by 15 years.  He’s new to the lifestyle but not new to being a young man in a very adult world.  He has the aura of the Rat Pack, classy and quick with a comeback.  On the flipside, he seems so innocent and we all want to protect him and corrupt him at the same time.

So, the four of us drank and played in the pool.  The drunker we got the more fun we had.  We talked about the play from the night before and that heightened the sexual atmosphere.  I knew Goddess was bisexual but I didn’t know how Painted Lady leaned.  Not until we started talking and floating in the pool.  After a while, we got silly and all three ladies ended up kissing and fondling and talking about sex.  At one point, Painted Lady was rubbing Coupe’s back so nicely that his face naturally slipped under the water.  Goddess was feeling no pain and said, “He can hold his breath so well, he must be really good at eating pussy.” Painted Lady tried to warn her but just then Coupe pulled his face from the water, his ears hadn’t been below the surface.  He heard that just fine!  They both turned eight shades of red while we all had a good laugh.

After that, Mr. D and El Jefe joined us in the pool.   I was having so much dirty, flirty fun and was so happy to see my Daddy and wrap myself around him in the pool.  I wanted to molest him right there. After a bit, the men decided to go back up and start dinner.  The girls eventually stumbled back up to the room.  We all ate a great dinner Mr. D made and were relaxing. Then Mr. D caught my attention and said, “Baby girl, go get the rope.” I was excited.  He was going to tie someone up.  Goddess and I both are addicted to being tied up.  We had talked about it at the pool.  Mr. D and her husband, El Jefe, had both tied her up before.  I went to the bathroom first. I didn’t want to be tied up and have to go.  So, I stopped there and then went into the bedroom to get his rope.  Mr. D was waiting in the bedroom for me.  He surprised me.  I didn’t expect him there because he had sent me after the rope for him.  “Close the door.” The tone in his voice sent shivers up my spine.  He makes me so wet when he talks like that.  I closed the door. “On your back.”  He pushed up my dress and sank his face into my pussy.  I was drunk, I was horny and I wanted him.  I forgot everything else.  He licked me for a couple minutes then he started to leave.

“No, Daddy, don’t go!!” I grabbed him with both hands and legs.  I needed him and needed to be fucked.  I would do anything in that moment.  “Please Daddy, I need you.  Please, please fuck me.”

“No, baby girl, we have to go back.  They’re waiting for us.” He was pulling away.  This was killing me.  I wanted him, I had to have him.

“Come back Daddy, please fuck me Daddy.  I need you in me.” I pulled and he finally gave in and climbed up on me.  I kept pulling on him until I felt his cock slide into me.  “Yes, Daddy, yes”.

“Baby girl is horny and begging.  Mmm, now this is how you’re supposed to beg.  I’ll have to thank Goddess for this.” He thrust deep, once, twice, then pulled out to leave.

“No!  Daddy, no! Come back!” I was beyond desperate.  The torment and teasing in my minute of aching need was beyond a tease.  I grabbed him hard and pulled his body to me.  I took his hands and put them around my throat.  I would have done damned near anything right at the moment to keep him there.

“Mmm, baby girl is pulling out all the stops.  I like this a lot but it’s time to go back out. Straighten yourself and join the others.” He got up and pulled his shorts back on and left.  I laid there on the bed bereft.  He was a bad, evil Daddy.  My rum soaked mind pouted and sulked.  I was the epitome of a spoiled baby girl in the bedroom all alone.

I went back out and joined the others completely forgetting about the rope.

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