Plan, Best Laid – Mr. D

Plans, Best Laid Plans
Drawing back the shutters of my imagination

Opening the flowering sex of my slut

Plundering the depths of my soul and depravity

While ever claiming her as mine


I desire the dark

I crave the needful expanses of her longing

Overflowing the well-spring of my desire

Fueling the frenzied passion of our coupling

I climax in the knowledge and act of her contrition


Property of equals

We conquer together, we love together

A journey of equals in life

Consummating servitude thus mating and rutting ensue

She is mine to command and protect


Taking of and claiming

By right and will she serves a knee

Awaiting my attention contritely

Seldom admonished she knows well my pleasure

Rewarded as the slut in service she is


Plans, Best Laid

I fondly plan and prepare the scene

Only to act upon said event with wanton abandon

Restraint! I know not restraint where she serves

I suffer in dominance and amor

As an engineer unhinged by her


Plans, Best Laid

Yet unresolved, undone by my desire

Undone by her beauty and shapely self

Undone by an unrelenting need to lose myself in her

Plans, Best Laid and forgotten in the melding of us… 

Aug 30, 2015

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