Fantasy and Reality

Tonight I had a fantasy which made me cum so hard next to Daddy.  We’re planning a trip with friends.  Some of them are kinky.  Daddy asked what toys I wanted him to bring.  I said, “All of them.” 😜 

I’m not sure if we’ll play on the trip or if we’ll play with others.  But it’s fun to fantasize about it.  Daddy said he might make me bring the red shoes.  I haven’t worn them in a long while.  He calls them his earrings.  

I was imagining him ordering me to wear these shoes and serve him while the others were in the room.  Nothing sexual just bring him drinks etc. It fit into the conversation we had tonight about collaring. 

Then I was thinking about how heightened our appetite for each other would be.  I’d be able to feel his heat and sense his desire while we were just hanging out with friends.  As I touched myself, I thought about how this would manifest in him.

I thought about kneeling in front of him.  Not being asked but doing so because I love to kneel before him.  Then I thought about him not being able to hold back and getting that look in his eyes that tells me in no uncertain terms that I’m in for it. 

In my mind I heard him speak.  The tone of his voice was silky smooth but the undercurrent was cold hard steel.  “Baby girl, go kneel before my friend there and take care of him for me.” I froze and looked up at Daddy.  He was intense and completely serious.  I was given no say, I wasn’t asked if I was okay with this.  I was simply told to obey. I knew he meant to share me sexually.  I knew I was his slut and he was demanding I prove it.  I felt the hard edge in his voice, one I’ve heard before.  The one that throws me into subspace every time I hear it and in that moment I came so hard.

5 thoughts on “Fantasy and Reality

  1. blackwidowfetish

    Quite a nice description of your thoughts of service to your master. It’s very interesting to read the writings of those who have similar thoughts of service to their Master.

  2. Shalom

    Yes!! LM’s pleasure is to share me, too. i know my place is to be used as His slut and i not sure who wants it more. Just thinking about His plans keeps me wet!!

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