Friday Night Fireworks – Mr. D

It was a friday afternoon. She had been at sea for a week and I was Jonesing for a fix. She came ashore that morning and I needed her. I knew I had to have a plan or I would lose control and my nut before we got started.  

The blonde amazon has that effect on me. Dames. Ya know?
I positioned myself to greet her upon arrival. I poured a drink and lit a stogie. I put my plan into action and waited to spring the trap.
Like a fly to honey she came through the gate. Smiling like sunshine. I coolly said “Hi Baby” cause I am good like that. She smiled brighter and leaned over for a kiss.
I kissed her. Grabbed her golden locks and whispered that she should go and freshen up, put on a skirt, and leave her panties somewhere’s else…. 
She gasped as I released her mane and shook out her hair as she sasheyed off to change. I took a drag and smiled. I got this…
When she came back she was in s skin tight pink skirt and I saw her hips dip to meet my gaze. She turned.. slow like… knowing I was raping her with my eyes. 
I picked up my toy bag and handed her a leather blindfold. She put it on. I told her to lift the skirt and sit in the chair facing me. “Spread em slut.” She did. Opening her legs and exposing her honey pot for me. I caressed the sexy meaty legs that lead me to her sex and I fingered her there.  

I pulled my silicone enticer and slapped her thighs and sex. Raised her top and unhinged the magic. As her J-sized jugs spilled out I couldn’t help but twitch. My cock was diamond hard and needy.
The dame has it all. Sex, class, and a hankering for theatrics and submission. I placed a makeshift collar on her and loved the response. She was putty I tell ya. I took full advantage and sat back with my smoke. Commanding her to masturbate. I took pictures. Micky Spilane I may not be but proof is proof and I have the film brother. 
So I says, whore did you do your homework aboard the ship? The nerve of the trollop. She hadn’t. So I commanded her to stand, face the chair and grab its arms. I rubbed her superb ass telling her my unhappiness. Then a number of resounding slaps later, red assed and humbled she sat back down. 
I shoved my fingers into her furry sex. Normally shorn I commented on the change. She professed not being prepared fo me. I liked the fur. I liked the unpreparedness and blush that crossed her cheeks. She’s mine and a good mind fuck adds to the play. 
I pulled my finger from her and shove it down her throat. Pulling her forward I told her she was mine and I loved her. She drew off the blindfold and I welcomed her home. Kissing her in earnest I kneaded her bosom and kept her close. 
I finished my smoke. Told her to refill my drink and meet me at the bed. Her night was just beginning…. 

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