His Thoughts

Where do I start?

The dirty perverted things in my head have come to fruition because she is willing to make the effort and enjoy the journey.  The hiding of my demons and desires is in my past. My life has been iluminated in the dark.  I love the dark corners of my mind.  The little pitfalls and playthings of my imagination.   It is sublimely freeing.  I don’t jump to every desire but I explore them all with a focus on safety and return on investment.  Returns come in many ways…sexual gratification, wall climbing mind numbing subspace, creating opportunities,  financial, and personal desire. 
Damn.  I get hot thinking of her and the life we lead.  The freedom and the opportunity are enough to distract my every moment.  Waking or sleeping she consumes my moments, my heart, and my focus.   I crave the chances to hear her gasp.  To see her head roll back. To feel her pulse quicken.  To make her wet.  To leave a mark.  And to have her snuggle up and get lost running her hands over me.   I am never so amazingly focused as when she is stroking my chest, arms, face, and cock.  

She is the most giving and loving person I have ever met.  She is an angel on earth.   Of course it is my happiest moments when her halo is used as my cock ring and I am taking her to the dirtiest of places…  She is inspiration.  She is my muse and she is mine.   All mine.  I am hers.  

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