I arrived at Mr. D’s wearing a short sun dress.  I loved the feel of it.  It was so thin it felt like I was wearing nothing. The material crisscrossed over my bosom but I’m more full figured than I suspect the designer intended.  My ample breasts popped out of the material just perfectly for Mr. D to see.  

I walked in the door right after he arrived home.  He was still putting groceries away.  In the kitchen, “Hi Honey,” I said softly. 

He turned and his eyes molested every inch of me before a “damn” slipped from his lips.  His hand touched my hip and I turned for him to see the back too.  His hand ran up the back of the skirt lifting the hem is it rose.  His fingers found my ass and he caressed my plump rear as his eyes ogled my black thong and the lack of any other material in his way.

After groceries were done and I poured Mr. D a drink, I followed him to his room.  He sat in his big chair and I knelt between his legs as I do to greet and honor him.  We talked while he relaxed and let the day fall away. He told me of the projects he is working on as I stroked his body and filled my need to touch him.

After a little while of this, I got up and sat on the edge of the bed mainly because my feet were asleep but also to give Mr. D room to move.  It’s a pretty tight fit, me on the floor between him in his chair and the bed. He stood up and flipped me back on the bed as he lifted my legs up and back towards me.  This hiked up my dress until he had my thonged crotch free for the viewing.  “Are you still dirty?” He asked.

“Just a little.” It was several days into my period which was almost over but not quite yet. Regardless, he knelt on the floor and put his lips to my pussy. Pulling back the lacy thong, he wrapped his lips immediately around my clit.  The intensity of going from innocuous chatting to having him suckling my clit was tumultuous.  The pleasure he gives is focused and riotous.  My body bucks under his tongue, my legs shake and I pant like a dog in heat.  After a few moments of this, he rose and pressed his body down into the V of my legs.  My ankles dug into his sides and his cock was pressing through his briefs into my sex. I moaned aloud. “Yes, that’s Daddy’s cock you feel.” He ground into me more. “You want it, don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy.” I whimpered.  His sucking and now rubbing between my legs was driving me wild and he knew it. It was fast though, no real time for me to get wet yet.  He stood up and dropped his underwear.  Leaning back on me just as quickly, his cock was now poised at my entrance.  He pushed into me hard and sure enough it was a tight push without much moisture. 

“If you want me bad enough, she’ll let me in.  We’ll just see.” He continued to push inside me.  It was like squeezing thick thighs into tight pantyhose at first.  He pushed inside until he was buried in me.  But as he pulled on the outward thrust, I felt the pleasure of his friction and a slick of moisture came to my aid.  “You DO want me after all.” 

As he began to fuck me, I looked into his eyes and saw the darkness just below the surface.  The day before, he had sent me a text about seeing a woman with her hand on her neck.  I knew what was on his mind.  “Show me your neck.” Part of my soul sang to hear those words and part of me despaired. The effect of his ministrations on my neck can be very turbulent. Nevertheless, I tilted my head back to show him my neck as commanded. He stroked down from my chin with one finger then grabbed me with a full handed grip.  I struggled to breath, my hand came up to grip his rock hard forearm.  If he really wanted to hurt me, he could easily do so. This is the play of power.  He has my life in his hand.  He chooses to exhibit his power and I acquiesce mine to him.  The pure raw passion of that power flowing between us is visceral and quite real.  His grip is unbreakable, my grasp on reason in this state is untenable.  

“What are you?” His grip lightened imperceptibly so I could answer.

“Your slut.” I squeaked out. “Your slut Daddy.” My words flourished as I found my voice for him. 

“That’s right.” His fingers gripped hard once more cutting off my air.  I struggled against him until he loosened his grip just the tiniest bit so I could breath.  His other hand pulled my breasts out of the front of my dress by the nipples.  I whimpered not from pain but because I had a feeling what was coming.

He fucked me harder then.  The angle of my hips had me spread wide for him.  My heels pressed into the sides of his ass.  He plowed into me from an angle that plundered me senseless.  I gripped his cock hard with my inner muscles so he wouldn’t bounce quite as hard into the depths of my sex.  The look on his face as he fucked me and hurt me was fierce.  He was fully engulfed by the darkness.  It lay upon him like a blanket. 

He took his hand from my throat and grabbed each bouncing nipple in his hands.  He tweaked them simultaneously until the pain was rising past my limit.  I whimpered and begged.  “Daddy, Daddy, oh Daddy.” He knew. 

“That’s my name Baby Girl.” While he was talking, he slowed the fucking and let go of my nipples thank God. “What is it? What do you want?” His words dripped sweetness.  I knew better.  It was a trap to be sure.  I wasn’t giving in that easily.  He wanted me to beg and I just couldn’t.

“More Daddy.” I held my breath even as I said it.  That was the last thing I wanted. He knew the lie even as the words fell on the bed around me.

“Oh, ho ho.  Really.  That’s what you come up with? That’s rich. Okay then.” With that he proceeded to grab my nipples again and twist them even harder.  He pulled them away from my body and fucked me with abandon as he watched me wince and struggle to not cry out in agony. I was so close to calling my safe word.  The pain was unbelievable. 

He let go of my nipples and slapped my inner thighs hard.  “How dare you give me those lies with your looks when your so wet down there.” My body is a complete traitor.  As much as I run from the pain he gives, my body responds a thousandfold.

He leaned over then and acid dripped as he said, “If I want my hands on your throat they will be, if I want fuck you, I will. And you will say thank you.  Do you understand?” I nodded my head vigorously. Then his voice dropped and he growled as he tweaked my nipples once more and said, “And if I want to rip these completely off of you, what will you say?” 

I cried out, “Thank you Daddy.” I could barely breath at that point, I was so afraid of displeasing him.  

“That’s right.” He let go of me and pulled out. “Now go get a towel and clean us up. It’s been a while that we have only played softly and Daddy needed to let the beast out.”

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