It was a very emotional day for me. I had some things to take care of and Mr. D was there for me. He made me laugh and bolstered me up when I was sad. We had a beautiful lunch in a steakhouse that had the atmosphere of a bordello. Dark and cavernous, you walked in and your eyes took a while to acclimatize to the intimate candlelight. The walls held old paintings of Victorian women, some surprisingly semi-nude. Vintage ruby glass chandeliers completed the aura of decadence.

Our waiter was impeccable. He placed our napkins in our laps and served a sumptuous salad with flare. We had a fine lunch and then drove home. We were tired and full so Mr. D let me lie down and snuggle up against him for a while. I took succor from being close to him.

After a time, being in close proximity to each other worked us into a passion. Mr. D whispered sweet tormenting words in my ear and sent my mind to another place. How he has that power over my libido, I can’t fathom but his ways of dominance take me off into the darkness so that I never wish to return.

His hands turned me over and his thick fingers probed and violated my backside. The tight puckering rosebud opened for him and my moans filled the room. He pursued this violation with gusto and soon I wanted him to take me. I wanted him regardless of my menstruation, regardless of his soreness. I knew it wasn’t to be but I was beyond the point of reason.

His hot breath was on my ear, his thoughts caressing my psyche. “I want you to give in to me. You are mine. Your ass is mine. I will take what is mine. Tell me you want it now.”

“Yes Daddy… yes I do.” His voice caressed and incensed me until I only wanted to please him. Nothing else would suffice. Nothing else would fill the void.

He rolled me over and I realized this was truly the time. He was positioned between my legs with my knees pressed again his sides.

“Tell me you want this. Tell me this is okay, now is the time.” I could tell by his voice that this was Daddy making absolutely sure I wanted this and I was ready for it. He was stepping out of his dominance to check in with me.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” My thoughts went to his cut. I’m fine to push myself past the brink but I won’t injure him. He shook his head.

“Do you want this?” His eyes held mine, his care evident.

“Yes. Yes, I do.” His manhood pushed to the entrance of my very tight lower hole and he held there a moment allowing me to feel the stretch. He had worked me very well with his fingers right before that so I felt an ease to the first push. I nodded and he continued. His eyes stayed locked with mine. He pushed in further and stopped. The stretch bit in and I felt the pain of some small tearing. I took in a sharp breath.

“Don’t stop, keep moving in and out.” The continual movement of small strokes in and out brought with it the intense pleasure of him taking me here for the very first time. His girth is so wide, the stretch was great but the movement ushered the way for him to slide inside me at last.

He began to take me in earnest. His strokes were smooth and the pleasure so intoxicatingly erotic. Being face to face, I watched the pleasure spread over his visage and gloried in giving him something no one else has. I took pleasure in the entire experience. Even the pain of entry as he pushed in further and further shook my core. After longer than I had expected for a first time, his face contorted and his voice shuddered towards me. “Do you want it now?”

“Yes, Daddy, fill me with your seed!” I arched toward him and felt his warmth fill my nether tunnel.

The sensations and the sharing of such a moment will remain in my mind forever.

4 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. i feel empty if i don’t have something in my rear, but i really can’t take more than a finger. a few days ago i had to use a small butt plug for the first time and it went well for my first anal punishment. But i had several immediate orgasms and when it was over he said that he wasn’t sure that was a punishment. i misbehaved the other day and for that i’m in alot of trouble. i had 2 of my punishments, 2 more to go, the ballgag and the large butt plug. i’m terrified of that large one. It’s as thick as my dildo and i don’t want my dildo there either. But i won’t be getting any mercy except for being allowed to use lube. On the bright side, if i behave he’ll let me cum.

    1. I love it but it’s also scary. Being torn is no fun and takes time to heal. Try wearing the little plug the day of your punishment. You’ll be stretched at least a little and somewhat prepared. Good luck little rose!

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