Buying Time

“Lie on the bed, face down.” His voice was firm; I knew not to deny him. I was face down on the bed, breathing through the sheet and a swath of hair. I couldn’t see what he took from the table or drawer. I felt his hands on me. I was surprised by the order. He had cut himself in a vulnerable place, right at the base of his sex. I was on my period. It seemed to me we weren’t doing anything that night. But, oh, we were.

We have a very difficult time with ‘no, you can’t play because x,y,z happened so you shouldn’t right now.’ It just makes one or the both of us rebel. He had stroked my neck and that always sends me deep into submission. He grabs my neck, teases me by stroking that very vulnerable area and when he does I’m his. I can’t deny him, can’t even remember to try. Once he started that, I had to touch him. I had to feel his hardness in my hand. It was an imperative. “Please, may I?” I must ask before I’m allowed to suck him or even go down in that area.

“No.” Damn it. I hate hearing no and it makes me gush at the same time. Traitorous submissive psyche. Love, hate. Love, hate. They are so interminably entwined. But then he acquiesced. “Yes. But be careful.” I had him in my mouth quickly. It was divine. The silky, girthy feel of him in my mouth. Yes. I was careful not to go down all the way.  I tipped my mouth and lips so I could get him all the way to the back of my throat but still not touch the cut in the front.

Then he gave me the order.  On my face on the bed as instructed. He slapped my ass and the sting was so good. I couldn’t see where this was going. An exercise in frustration? He put a little vibrator in my hand so I wiggled my hand under my body and pressed the vibe to my clit.  He grabbed me and held me while warming my ass with spankings.  Soon I was purring into the bedsheets.  I love spankings.  He wasn’t ramping up the intensity, he kept it mild and erotic.  Then the falls of the flogger struck me.  He was at my middle and it felt like he was holding the flogger with only a short length of the falls moving.  Sometimes I see an image of what he’s doing in my mind even though I’m face down.  Actually, I do that a lot.  I’m not sure why.  I think because flogging is a learned skill and his skill at it intrigues me.  He seemed to be holding the falls so that he had the proper hits even though he was in close proximity.  

Intermittently he grabbed my hair and pulled hard.  When he was on top of me to do this, his body pressed down on mine and the vibe would lance in giving me a jolt. Immediately after the flogger I felt an entirely new sensation.  It was biting and had the quality of tapping.  It bit me all over my back and buttocks.  I squirmed but not too much.  The sensation was quite bearable.  I love sensation play and loved wondering what he was doing. 

His body covered mine and I felt his luxurious weight on mine.  It makes me feel so raw, so taken.  His groin ground into my ass dry humping me while the rhythm of it moved the vibe in provocative ways. “Keep doing that Daddy.” I wanted more. He pulled back to tease my asshole and probe me there.  The more he plays with my ass the more I want it.  Odd that each time he starts in, after we haven’t done it in a while, I am hesitant and it feels unnatural.  But the intense sensation builds and quickly turns into a pleasure I can’t resist.  It’s an odd combination of “Oh no, please don’t but oh please do that again!”  Strange.
After he stopped, he told me it was the cane that he was using.  He tapped lightly and I hadn’t even known it was the cane.  The stingy scary part of the cane wasn’t even present.

While we were talking he was holding the cane.  As he stroked my neck I realized his eyes had sharpened on me and his Dominance had taken hold. The darkness was on him. “Don’t move slut.” The cane rose up and came down on my nipple.  Oh heavenly god, that hurt.  But he wasn’t even trying yet.  “Hold them up.” I whimpered but still gathered my breasts together to present them to him. I know I had some wounded look on my face and he hadn’t done anything yet.  I was scared. He pulled back and caned my nipple harder this time.  I whimpered again as the sting burned through my chest.  The look on his face took my breath away.  He was eager for my fear, I could see him reveling in it.  Finally, before I had a chance to cringe he pulled back and caned the other nipple.  The fire and the burn cut through me so hard, I dropped my breasts and rolled over to find a fetal position.  I cried out in pain.  It burned through my ultra-sensitive nipple and took my breath away.

“You, my little slut, are going to get on your knees at my desk and I’m going to fill your face with my cum” grab a pillow.  I followed orders and knelt between his legs at the desk.  He pulled up some porn while I sucked him and filled my mouth with his cock. The closer he got the more I sucked.  Close to the end, he took over stroking and had my lips awaiting his load.

As he stroked I asked him, “Do you want to cum on my face or in my mouth Daddy?” He smiled and I could see him thinking.  

“Where do you want it slut?” 

“I want to swallow it Daddy.”

He stroked a few more times and just as I lifted up on my knees and brought my face closer he pushed into my mouth and filled me with his seed.  He jerked and shuddered and I sucked down every drop. 

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