Understanding Orgasms

It is very likely I had an orgasm with Mr. D a couple days ago. Is it bad that I don’t know for sure? Is that possible? I think it is. When I’m with him the things he does and the way he makes me feel are incredibly intense. Let me see if I can explain properly. To begin with, when I masturbate, it is a slow process of warming up from a state of being cold, so to speak. It is usually late, I’ve had a long day and I want a release before I go to bed. I put on a porn video, or these days I close my eyes and think of certain scenarios with Daddy. I think of him showing me off, using me in ways we don’t do yet, or dominating me. I end up with him commanding me to cum. I think of his voice in my head and I work my clit with one finger while rolling a nipple with my other hand. The sensation is very pointed and direct. There are no other stimuli or distractions. The pleasure builds slowly and I can feel it deepen over the period of time. Finally, near the end, I feel the tensing and tightening of the muscles and the orgasm approaches. I keep the same pace, I increase Daddy’s voice in my head and then finally I feel myself peak over the edge. I’ve timed myself and this process takes about 8-10 minutes if I’m watching porn or 15-18 minutes if I rely on my own mind.

So, I think it’s fair to say that cumming is not a fast thing for me. It takes time to build the tension and reach the culmination. Now, the feelings involved during sex with Mr. D are entirely different. My focus is split. It is actually in many places. My mind is focused on him. My reactions are part of the play of our lovemaking. He touches me and I react to that touch. His hands on me, his lips on me, all heighten my desire and the feelings within my body and mind. It is a sensation explosion that dwarfs my own masturbation technique such that I can’t properly relate them to each other. There is no comparison. With Mr. D the pleasure can skyrocket me from completely cold to an inferno in seconds. He can grab my clit with his lips and tongue and have my body shaking with tremors instantly. So, how do I equate the two? How do I say I haven’t achieved the pinnacle of pleasure with him when he sends me through wave upon wave of erotic pleasure in so many different ways?

I need to learn the difference between having an orgasm during solo sex and how to do so with a partner. I see that the two are be completely different. This is where my thought has been focused on the subject. Friday night, I think I learned something more. Mr. D had me pinned to the bed, my legs spread wide. He told me to open my sex for him. His mouth and tongue lassoed my clit and he began to suck hard and rhythmically. My feet dug in and the sensations he created had me pushing up off the bed. His fingers began to fuck me and soon after that he probed my ass. After moistening the way into my tight puckered hole, he fucked me with his fingers in both the front and the back simultaneously. While doing this his mouth stayed attached to my clit. I was convulsing and clawing the bed. It was beyond any level of intensity I’ve felt before. I was singularly focused on the pleasure he created and my body was shaking with the supreme level of the sensations. I felt my body convulse in much the same way it does when I cum by myself. But here’s the difference, I was convulsing and crying out and yet there wasn’t that build up I expect, the way it happens prior to having an orgasm. There wasn’t a bulid up because the level of intensity had already started from such a high place. When Mr. D finally stopped and pulled his fingers out of me, my body was still convulsing and experiencing the after effects of the intense onslaught that had just overtaken me. To me, that seems truly like an orgasm, just a different kind.

So, let me know what you think. I’m very interested to know if anyone else has experienced different kind of orgasms like this or had experience with pleasure being felt in differing levels of intensity like I described.

14 thoughts on “Understanding Orgasms

  1. miss agatha armstrong

    Hallo delicious one – I was told a long time ago that there are only specific places one can have an orgasm – and another other feeling is just… pleasure. What a load of old nonsense. There are so many different orgasms a girl can have – and all with their own specific or non specific outcomes… I can only produce a couple for myself – 3 to be exact – but… When Mr F gets His hands on me – it’s a whole different universe – my advise… only listen to your body and what it’s telling you – and just travel and enjoy…

      1. miss agatha armstrong

        Did you know that female humans are the only creatures on this earth that actually have a little part of their bodies strictly reserved for pleasure only…. I love this fact.

      2. miss agatha armstrong

        Its one of my favourite useless bits of facts that I keep in my messy cluttered head. always makes me smile … I smile a lot !

  2. Same here! I got so used to my “own” orgasm from masturbating my clitoris that it felt odd when I felt my first vaginal orgasm. Miss Agatha Armstrong is right about different orgasms a woman can feel. Just go with it and I have learned that trying to label pleasure with “orgasm” leads to no where.. Enjoy! 😉

  3. It happened to me as well. Alpha had me tied to the bed. He had made me climax within 5 minutes using his tounge and fingers. He didn’t stop after the first climax, he kept going. I tried to inch away but with every move he moved as well. I almost decapitated myself with the headboard and the mattress. The intensity he created made me feel like I may have had an orgasm but like you I was unsure.

    1. That’s exactly the feeling! Mr. D has threatened to tie me so I can’t get away. The feelings are so damned intense, I can’t not try to get away. But oh the pleasure. Such an odd mix of sensations.

      I loved how to put it V. Decapitated by orgasm, lol.

  4. Loved your post! Yes i share your thoughts about having different types of orgasms. I love to masturbate. I often serve my daddy online. I do a show for him whatever he wants. Serving him turns me on and when I masturbate after one of our sessions it is so intense and so satisfying. Nothing like it is when I masturbate alone. There is a build up but in a different way. Sometimes we can go for hours before I am allowed to cum. But the orgasm is awesome!!

  5. ivorypaloma

    I’m nervous about commenting, but thought I’d give it a try. For a long time I had, I guess, clitoral based orgasms only. My ex and I would play with toys before we’d actually have sex because that was the only way I came. The first guy I was with after I left my ex I was nervous as hell. 11 years with the same person makes it like the first time sort of. I really didn’t think there would be fireworks so to speak, and I was two nervous to suggest toys before hand. There was A LOT of foreplay though. When we did finally have sex…wow. It was nothing like what I thought of as an orgasm, but there were aftershocks and I felt completely satisfied. Been that way every time since. For the first time in my life I’m actually a little needy when I never was before. Haha. Also thank you for following 🙂

    1. Wow, that is a great share Ivory. Thank you so much for commenting. I have definitely had a lot of those types of feelings. Many, many times Mr. D puts me in that space of shuddering and spent after sex. That feeling of contentment you describe is it exactly. Completely different than direct clitoral stimulation but oh so good! Thanks for getting past your hesitation to share. That helped a lot. ☺️

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