Sunday night Mr. D had worked all day to build an insulated door to hold an air conditioning unit for his room. Now we will be so cool and comfy this summer, yay.  Unfortunately, the two days of construction did a number on his back.

Instead of working his back more by having sex he decided he wanted to watch me masturbate for him.  He got out his laptop and had me lie on the bed. He set up his laptop next to me and had me choose some porn to watch. He put the computer on the opposite side of the bed from his chair so that I would not be watching him.

Once the porn started, I began to touch myself.  A little at first then more as things progressed. Usually, I love performing whatever Mr. D wants from me but I felt really self-conscious this time.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe because I was fully naked and it was daytime while he was clothed.  Maybe because he wasn’t near me or touching me so I couldn’t get a read on what was going through his head.  

Whatever the case, it took me a while to get out of my head. Mr. D was smart to aim me away from him. Even though I was thinking of him, I was still able to lose myself in the porn after a while. I used a little pocket vibrator which I never used before and sure enough I felt the tension build and I knew it was working.  I was so happy, I knew I was going to cum for him finally.  I felt the pleasure build, I glanced over to see him watching and finally I felt it crest and my body rocked with the pleasure of an orgasm. 

He watched as I came for him and then got on the bed so I could snuggle him.  I felt odd afterwords.  I was exposed and yet I felt like I hadn’t put on a very good show for Mr. D.  When I started, I had in mind that I should just cum and not embellish it at all, just let it be what it was.  His girl getting off by herself, nothing more.  It’s a big enough thing for me to cum for him anyway.  I thought I should just focus on that alone.  I’m glad I did because it worked, it just felt like a lackluster performance to watch.  I will get better at it.

As I felt his warmth around me and his body next to mine I ached so much for him.  I wanted him inside me so badly. I made my desire for him known because I couldn’t keep my hands and body still next to him.  At this point I didn’t really know his back was hurting as much as it was.  

“I know what you want. You want me to pound you with Daddy’s cock.” Yes, that was exactly what I wanted.  I was aching for him.  I wanted to be one with him and a part of me wanted to feel that he wanted me after watching me in such a detached way.

“I have an idea. Little Girl you are going to let me cum in your mouth.”

Second part to follow.

5 thoughts on “Masturbation

  1. Thanks for your share. I too am self conscious of our surroundings and my body when Alpha wants me to perform an act for him where he is not involved so to speak. I am struggling with us having another party join us for a session. I recently had surgery and he had a session with another woman who wants to become his submissive. In all the pain physical pain I’m in his needs still compels me to suffer through and please him. I have taken pain medication to dull the physical ache so that I may please him and ensure his needs are met. It’s hard to know that another had the pleasure of being with him. I cannot fathom the things that happened and I don’t want to know. I think it’s easy for us to lose ourselves in our thoughts. I’m looking forward to reading part two.

    1. We would hope that our Dominant having his needs met in another way would relieve the pressure to serve while in recovery. Unfortunately, our feelings can be all over the place in that instance.

      I hope you find healing for both the physical and the emotional soon.

      Thank you for commenting about the self-consciousness. I was happy I was able to work through it successfully. It helps that Mr. D is so supportive and loves my body. I can look through his eyes instead of mine and it helps.

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