Masturbation – Part II

Mr. D switched places with me on the bed. I got between his legs and wrapped my lips around his cock. He was already hard from watching me and that made me smile. I licked and sucked him while he chose a video he wanted to watch. I love giving him head so much. The taste of him, the feel of him and the caress of his member on my lips and tongue get me so turned on. 
I really need to have a hair clip near the bed because I end up all up in his crotch surrounded by my hair. It gets in my way and I have to stop occasionally to move it. Girl problems, I know, but it stops my rhythm and I see that as not helping him build to a crescendo. 
He started watching a really hot video about a woman who ends up being coerced by a taxi driver. Mr. D loves consensual non-consent situations. I could see the video out of the corner of my eye when I chose to watch. Mostly, I stayed focused on the service I was providing him. Mr. D doesn’t cum while receiving head so I knew at some point he would take over from me. I want to build my skill to where I learn how to make him cum so I did my best to get him as far as possible. This is the third time we’ve done this and I love it so much. I love that he wants me to swallow his seed. I crave the submission of being there for him as he pleasures himself too. It’s incredibly hot.
Once he took over for me, he commanded me to put lube on my fingers and play with his ass. I loved that he gave me instruction to do this. I know he likes ass play but I’m not very familiar with providing it. I find myself hesitating when I think of doing it to him myself. Partly, it’s a logistics issue. How do you give head and push a man’s legs into position? How do you get him into the right position to then lick him there as well? How do you ask someone if they’re all clean today or if this is a good time without it slowing the build up? I know it’s not always a good time for me but I try to be as clean as possible every time because I know he will often go there. I know I’m sounding really green here but, yeah, timidity will do that. I just don’t have the experience so I end up shying away from it and I really want to please him. Any suggestions would be great!
Once I had my hand at his ass I worked my finger inside and began to move it in time with his stroking. The slippery feel of the lube and the smooth sensation of his tunnel were incredible. I could see him getting excited and getting closer. It only seemed to take a couple minutes from when we started this to when he told me to wrap my lips around his head. I felt him cumming and his warm seed filling my mouth. I sucked and gently pulled the length of him in my mouth while he jerked and came more. Slowly I pulled my finger from his ass but he still jerked because he had cum so hard and the sensations were still so strong. I smiled to know I was part of that.

We cuddled afterwards and that was pure bliss.  I am so pleased we shared such intimacy even though we didn’t fuck.  That was much more important to me.

10 thoughts on “Masturbation – Part II

  1. Again, a great story and thanks for sharing. Our experience is this: Fucking, as great as it is, doesn’t define an amazing sexual/erotic/sensual encounter. “She” and I have lots of non-fucking sex that is amazing. It’s really fun to focus on one thing or another, and just have that be the experience. I’ll eat her pussy, she’ll blow me. Sometimes we’ll mutually please each other. Sometimes the joy is in knowing you’ve just really pleased your partner. And yes, sometimes a good fuck is the only thing that will do.

    By the way, good for you with exploring ass play. Don’t worry about it – you’ll get the knack for it in time. The important thing is you’re not shying away from this amazing source of pleasure for both he and she. Continue to add to your sexual arsenal! (Assenal?) 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments. It’s great to hear that you experience sex in a wide variety of ways. I’m learning to enjoy each experience for what it is.

      And thank you for the vote of confidence on the ass play lol.

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