Little Submissive Bird puts the need and the feeling of belonging and oneness so well.

I love that feeling too.



The weekend is so close I can almost taste it.

I can almost feel his hands on me, his strike on my ass, his breath in my ear.  The anticipation is making me crazy.  The need to submit again is forceful.  This isn’t a game to me, this isn’t something I play at.  This is me.  I need this.  I understand these desires better than I did years ago when I first began to explore, but even if I didn’t it wouldn’t diminish the need.  It is when I submit that I feel I truly belong. Even if just for a few hours.  I belong.  I am understood.  That is one of the true beauties of D/s for me.  That total understanding and respect and admiration of each others desires.  There is no “wait you want to do what to me?”  “I’m sorry but you like that?”  “why would…

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