Icy Interlude

  Our afternoon was going well.  We arrived at our destination with plenty of time. We decided to have our picnic there rather than at the concert.  I went to the kitchen to fetch drinks and when I turned around Mr. D was on a chaise lounge with his pants off and his cock hanging out. The scene was priceless. I put down the drinks and melted to my knees at the end of the chaise.  It was perfect distancing for me to slide onto the chaise and suck his cock.  Lunch was served!

Mr. D made me stay in that position as he rose and took some ice from the glass.  I was in for it.  I felt ice cold water droplets fall on my ass as he pushed up my dress. His mouth sucked on my panties as his hot tongue licked around the edges of the thong between my legs. He pushed the lace aside and I felt coldness as he inserted the ice cube all the way inside my pussy.  He teeth bit my ass as the ice teased me from inside. Then I felt a disturbance in the force, something wasn’t right. He had halted and was fumbling. “What’s wrong Honey?”

“The ice, it hasn’t come back out.  It always comes back out.” He said askance.

“Well…I guess I decided to keep it.” I chuckled.  I really had no control of the matter.  In it went and there it stayed, apparently.

“You’d better go to the bathroom and get that out before your insides are frost bitten.”

“I figured it would just melt but okay.” Internally, I was entertained.  This was some funny shit.

Since I was now a bit waterlogged done there, we took a break from sex and had our picnic.

Images from Pixabay through CC0 Public Domain.

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