Our short mid week tryst was the flavor of abandon.  Mr. D positioned me on my back on the bed.  His hands slid up under my ass raising my sex to his mouth.  His tongue flicked across the bridge between my cunt (yes, I used that word) and my ass.  His tongue worked into both my ass and my cunt as I squirmed under his assault.

Meanwhile his hands slid up my thighs.  The caress was electricity with purpose.  Finally he gripped me under the knees and pushed them to my chest.

“Hold them there.” He gave no options.  I was held in an S shape with his mouth cleaved to a very dangerous curve. Sensations washed from his mouth to my sex.  I was spread wide, my body trembling and convulsing continually from each and every stroke of his tongue.

The pleasure that flowed over and through me was all consuming.  My mind was held aloft by wave upon wave of it. My body, strummed by his tongue vibrated under him.

Later, after fucking me, honey dripped from his lips as he said, “I don’t know if you liked it.  I wonder what more I could have done?”

The absurdity of the statement made me laugh outright.  “Absolutely nothing could have been more than that.” I struggled to say enough then gave up and kissed him hard.

That is an unbelievable position…so exposed, so vulnerable, so mmm perfect.

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