Becoming Us


Becoming Us

She is a goddess, a mix of Venus, Mae West and Betty Page

She is equal parts liquid sex and molten desire

Pliant and communicative in her needs

Eliciting depths of passion from me I cannot fathom

Love is the proverbial tip of my feelings

Unhinged ardor swims in my veins at thoughts of her

Twisted domination as she takes my soul and sex

Pulling from her willing captive my very being

Happily I await her presence

Needing to bask in her voice and body

Longing to see her smile and gasp

Hear her need in a touch and look

It started passionately, submission on a boardwalk

Kisses igniting souls and more

Aroused, I fed my cock into her mouth

Bodies aflame I held back; offering her a reprieve

I asked to see her again and she agreed

Into the night we walked and so it went

Each meeting delving deeper and deeper into our desires

A contract signed, she consented to serve and I was happy

Planning and obsessing pushing boundaries safely

Taking and plundering her yet always restraining

Culmination then in the roles we chose and freedom given

It came all at once – we are bound

Bound, yes, occasionally in rope

Permanently in desire and roles ever developing

She permeates my being, my thoughts, and desires

I lust for her and rarely manage restraint in her presence

She is my muse, my imagination

Somewhat my obsession

Always my equal and companion

I am an addict and she is my drug and fix…. A juxtaposition

Viscerally, I want her neck, her shoulder, her sex

I demand her supplication and obeisance

Relishing her mind and body

Melding in the glory of our coupling

Clinging to each other in desperation

Climaxing into one perverse release

Longing for a time when nothing separates us

I claim you as Mine and promise to hold this dear…

June 5, 2015

Image from Pixabay through CC0 Public Domain

4 thoughts on “Becoming Us

      1. Your posts are hypnotic and wonderfully written! You are an awesome writer. You are able to put the feelings that are hard to express into the written word so perfectly. It’s a fascinating and touching read. 🙂 I love the blog. It has resonated with my mind and soul. Thank you for sharing your world.

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