Our second night at our friend’s home was one filled with play. We spent the evening with El Jefe and Goddess perusing two different adult toy shops. We looked at all the strange toys and Mr. D filled me in on how all the random implements were used. He used to live with a group of lifestylers that had a lot of heavy duty equipment. I’m familiar with some of it but have no real life experience.
We had talked about both couples playing with rope together. I wasn’t feeling great so when we got home I asked to lay down for a while before we began. They went off to eat and relax. I asked Mr. D to wake me in an hour so I wouldn’t sleep through the whole night and miss all the fun. After dozing a while, Mr. D came in and snuggled up to me. Dozey snuggles are just about the best thing on the planet. He told me that we wouldn’t be playing with them tonight so we were on our own for play.

Before retiring we sat with them outside and talked. At one point Mr. D made some wise crack about maid service and dusting. It was a puzzling response to our dynamic that even though I’d serve him in any way he asked privately, when he offhandedly said something like, “I’ll have you dusting for me, woman!” in a joking manner in public, it raised my ire. I felt the classic macho man vs. feminist woman response rise in my gullet. Of course, he intended to taunt me. Against my better judgment, I felt a little adversarial for the fun of it. It did get me thinking about the dynamic, more on that another time.

After we went to bed, we talked a while and one thing led to another. I was feeling much better and started hinting that I wanted him. The ‘dusting’ conversation put me in a teasing mood. I wanted to taunt him back somehow. I was feeling better and hornier by the moment. I began to stroke his manhood. I touched it ever so lightly, running my fingers over his skin feeling his response.

“Daddy, I wonder if you want me to please you more?” I knew he did but I was playing.

“Baby girl, you know how to ask permission to please me.” He’s right. I’m required to ask permission before leaving his side to go down on him. I’m not allowed without permission.

“Yes, Daddy, your girl knows she must ask.” I glanced up at him trying poorly to hide the smirk on my lips as no request was forthcoming.

More stroking and then he was hard in my hands. I was just itching to feel him in my mouth. But a plan was forming in my mind. I wanted to taunt him, I wanted him aching for my lips, and I wanted to extend the pleasure until he forced me to do what he wanted so desperately. I put my own desire aside and wrapped my mind around the torment. My fingers caressed and teased and stroked until I was panting for it. Then he was on to me.

“Little girl, now you’re teasing your Daddy on purpose, aren’t you?” I’m aching for him to throw me down and rape me. This agonizing game was stretching past my own breaking point.

“Yes, Daddy.” I answered in dulcet tones. I could hear the tension in his voice. He was aroused and mentally working through whether I should be in trouble for this or not.

“Why would a good little slut like you do such a thing? I could punish you for this, you know.” Fair question and yes, I’m very close to the edge here.

“Daddy, you have the power over your slut. I will do whatever you wish. My only desire is to please you and let the pleasure build until you feel compelled to take what is yours.” Crossing a line? Yes, probably. But I was too far down this path to give in at this point. I wanted him so badly. I pushed us both far beyond normal limits all in the pursuit of intensity. He paused a moment considering what to do with this dubious offer.

“Slut, you feel that wetness coming from my cock?” I was using it to lubricate a path down the underside of him, I felt it. I could almost taste it.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I want you to listen to me. You are to get down between my legs and using only your tongue, you are to lick that up until it is all clean. No sucking, do you understand?” His hand gripped my hair at the nape of my neck. He had my full and undivided attention.

“Go.” He released me to slink down his body and perch myself between his legs. His cock stood at attention before me. I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out to slowly lick up the slick of wetness pushing out of the tip of him. I gloried in the taste of him. I wrapped my tongue around his girth and lapped up all the moisture there. Having finished the task, I couldn’t help continuing. I felt I had done as asked and was free to wrap my lips around him then. I reveled in the feel of him sliding into my throat. I had waited so long to feel him, to capture him in my mouth. I pulsed with the fulfillment of it.

After thoroughly taking my time and filling my mouth and throat with him repeatedly, I sat up into a kneeling position on the bed. My knees were spread wide to steady myself and I dimly noticed that I was in a very submissive position kneeling this way. It felt amazing. Before I had time to return to my task, Mr. D sat up and wrapped himself around my kneeling form. His body was pressed to mine, his arms wrapped around the small of my back and his lips at my breasts. It felt incredibly erotic. Simultaneously, I knelt in submission to him while he worshipped my body. I’ve never felt anything quite so sensually exotic. I was lost in the eroticism of that moment for what felt like hours. 

“You’re a goddess, you know that?” His hands caressed me, his lips took my neck and his teeth bit into me in the most dangerous spot. Something truly fearsome happens when he takes the space on my neck right under my chin. He pushes my head back and holds me captive. His lips and tongue torture me while assaulting that terribly vulnerable area of my body. I feel like he could end me with one bite. Thinking about it, he actually could end me but cutting off my windpipe. This is truly edge play and it has us both fixated. 

His lips and teeth continued to torment my neck while his other hand found my sex and plundered me there. All the while, I knelt in submission to him and took from him every pleasure he offered. I was his willing slave in that moment. He had me completely captured by his will and his touch. Even as I write this I feel that imprisonment again and I want him violently. To feel worshipped and enslaved in tandem is something I have never felt quite like that before. The fear of his teeth on my neck brought me close to hyperventilating. Finally, he told me to lay down and he took me with an intensity to match the moments before.

Afterwards, he held me while our breathing came back to normal. He said, “Baby that was incredible. Liberties were taken though and I may punish you for those but Daddy is pleased.” I was relieved. I felt myself relax internally. I hadn’t realized that I was concerned but something inside me was happy that my risky behavior had paid off. He also asked me what it was about that spot on my neck.

“It’s…vulnerable,” was all I could say. I failed to have the proper words to describe it. Perhaps I’ve done a better job of it today.

Image used with permission through CC 3.0 with attribution by Marcus J. Ranum and may be found here.

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