A Forever Love


Loved and lost

Gave my heart and my all

Gave until I was lost

Until I didn’t know who I was anymore

Always trying to fit into their boxes

To be what they needed

I don’t resent them

I still love them

Envy them in ways unimagined

They left and found nothing

Though I wish they had

Happiness is fleeting

They deserve happy

Loss is crushing and debilitating

I know; thrice I have lost

Yet, I love again

Baby Girl…

Hoping against hope that this is always

The fit is amazing

The joy is exquisite

The serenity in her presence is surreal

I am myself as I want to be

Relaxed, a peaceful chaos

I fear

I reserve that right

The pain of loss is still upon me

The loss of a love

Of my sanity

Of my joy

I don’t want that suffering

Not for myself

Not for anyone

But in this love I feel warmth, joy

She is always there now

In my thoughts

In my presence of mind

Her touch; her aura, and light

It illuminates my existence

Hope emanates

Longing for peace and longevity

Longing for a life with her

Forever sharing our joy

Freely giving

Hoping only for more time with her

I am in love

Truly and desperately in love

Baby Girl…My heart is yours

February 13, 2015

Image from Pixabay with permission through CC0 Public Domain

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