She carries me
In her calm whiteness
She touches me
With her shimmering face
She watches me
With her cool indifference

Her fullness expands
She rises with constancy
I am enraptured
She awakens me
I am captivated
She is so distant

Cold to the unenlightened
I tremble for the unattainable
She is warm in her light
My eyes open to her glory
She is comfort and closeness

I bask in her glow

Listen closely

She calls to us
We reach for her
Trembling in her embrace
Connecting through her
We are one

Image from Pixabay through CC0 Piblic Domain

One thought on “Luna

  1. steelclad

    A beautiful write.
    A shared emotion.
    Such strength in calmness and light.
    Such warmth through cold distances.

    Thank you…

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