Control – Fiction

Slipping into a red nightshirt, Andrea sat in front of the computer.  She loved this time of night when everyone was relaxed or asleep and she could just browse emails or read articles.  


It was her time.


John’s deep voice startled her from the door of the room.  “My girl, I have a task for you.”  


His command was soft though Andrea knew there wasn’t a possibility of her saying no.  “Yes, my Master.”  Her heart beat hard and rapid at the uttering of this phrase.  


“Come, kneel here on the carpet.  Table for me sweetie.”


She walked over to him and knelt.  Andrea’s hands touched the floor, lifting her back flat as a table for him.  Kneeling there at his feet, she felt very vulnerable and exposed.  Her nightshirt bloused out from her breasts as they hung freely.  Her roundly shaped ass was fully visible.  As he circled her on the floor, she spread her legs the way he’d want her to do.  Arching her back slightly, her sex was exposed for him.


“Touch yourself girl.”  Her heart beat faster as she obeyed.  Shifting her weight to one hand, she reached the other back to her sex.  Her fingers rubbed the tiny nub of her clit.  She felt it throb under her fingers as they moved.


“I want you to come for me doll.”  Lowering her head, her long blonde hair grazed the carpet and caressed her shaking arm.  Her weight held by one arm was starting to take its toll.


Working her fingers faster on her clit, Andrea panted from the exertion of holding the pose and from her body’s reactions.  Holding her breath, her body bucked as she felt the waves of her orgasm roll over her.  A light sheen of perspiration beaded on her forehead, her cheeks were flushed as she looked up to him.


“Nicely done, my girl.  Now, strip for me, I have further work for you to do.”  Her face a mask of obedience, she stripped off her night shirt and stayed kneeling there until he returned with a bit which he put between her teeth.  In his hands, were clamps which he tightened on her nipples.  The fire and the pain of the clamps burned through her, making her want to whimper against the bit in her mouth, but she kept quiet.  She wouldn’t let her pain get the best of her.  Besides, the warmth was beginning to spread through her body from her fiery nipples.


With whip in hand, John indicated that she stand up.  With her hands clasped behind her, she stood before him.  The falls of the whip caressed her breasts and chest.  At first the sensation was teasing and offered some distraction from the pinching on her nipples.  This didn’t last.  The whipping began in earnest and she clenched down on the wooden bit in her teeth.   The sting of each fall barely had time to mellow before she felt the sting begin on her other breast.  Each time the falls happened to strike her tortured nipples she would jump and had to resist backing up from him.


Finally, John stopped when there were tears glistening on her cheeks.  Her breasts and nipples were on fire; her loins were also on pulsating from the sensations washing over her.


“Back on your knees my pet.  I want another orgasm from you now.  Please me with your cries.”  Taking the bit from her lips, she sighed.  Kneeling by the bed, she felt his hand gently on her back pushing her chest down onto the soft comforter.  Any other time, she would have loved the restful position but this time it only caused her to feel the hot licking pain in her nipples even more.


She spread her knees wide and reached her fingers down to touch her throbbing sex.  Heat poured from her wet pussy as her fingers caressed up and down her pink inner walls.  As her fingers touched her swollen clit she came almost immediately.  The throbbing intensified as moans escaped her.


Completely spent and sore, she looked up to her beloved and was greeted with a sight that made her heart sink.  His eyes were twinkling with pleasure and mischievousness at the same time.   In his hand was a dildo.  In his eyes was a command.


Taking a minute to digest the expectation, she rose on shaky legs before him.  “Yes, my Master.”  As he removed the nipple clamps she cried out in pain as the blood rushed back to the damaged area, the pain of it bringing back the whipping all over again.

Pushing her back on the bed, she stretched out before him and took the dildo in her hand.  Looking up into his eyes, she found the desire there strong and fervent.  A moment before, she had no idea where she would find the strength to perform any further.  


Now, with his pleasure motivating her, Andrea needed no further prodding. Opening her thighs wide, she placed the dildo at the entrance of her bright pink pussy.  All the sensations of the two orgasms she already had came rushing back.  As she arched her back, she pushed the dildo deep inside her.  Her aching breasts pushed into the air, dancing before him.  Her knees shook and her hand worked faster and faster, filling her with each thrust of the dildo.  Whimpering her pleasure, her eyes never left his.  She wanted this more for him now than for her.  She was a woman unleashed in her ecstasy lying before him, giving all her passion to him.


Finally, unable to hold out any longer, her body bucked upon the bed.  Her hand cupped her sex holding the device completely inside her.  Her eyes smoldered as she connected with him and let loose the flood.

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