Venturing into Virtual

I’ve confined this blog primarily to my real life experiences in the lifestyle with Mr. D and some poetry.  I think I’m going to add some fantasy writing.  I’d like to stretch my writing muscles and also explore some fantasies I have that I haven’t experienced yet.

I’ve thought about how other writings would be received but if you don’t like amateur fiction then don’t read it.  I’ll post it clearly in the title so it’s apparent that it’s fiction. In some blogs I read I like the reality and some I like the stories.  So, that’s the plan Stan.

I figured it’s a much better choice than posting the angst filled part of my life I don’t share but would love to rant about or the random boring things we all post on FB.  Blogging, after all, is predicated on having something worthy to say and saying it well enough that it is relatable to others.

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