I’ve asked Mr. D to train me in the art of flogging.  I want to learn how to do that.  Why, you ask, would a submissive want to learn to flog?  Good question, I suppose.  I love touching other people.  I love giving them pleasure.  I feel that any way I can give others pleasure is worth learning, even if it’s a primarily Dominant wielded skill.

I manage people for a living.  I also see that as service.  I offer them a support net that allows them to focus on the capacities that bring success to themselves and their company.

I have thought on this often.  I can find the submissive streak in any discipline.  The qualities of a submissive are valuable in many ways, in many areas. There are certain qualities of character inherent in a submissive personality that are very useful.  To be submissive, you need to learn to put others first.  You need to learn to be compassionate and empathic.  You need to be watchful, to see how you can fulfill another’s needs before they know they had a need in the first place.  It requires patience to put yourself last.  It requires consistency to always desire to serve even when you are tired, downtrodden or feel used.  If you truly take the idea of service to its depths, there is no way to be used.  You have given every ounce of yourself freely.  If you see others joy as the end result and not some reciprocation or kudos for your service then you have attained the goal and that is the fulfillment of it.  Not the need for someone to praise you.

Then again, you can look at Dominance the same way.  To take someone under your wing, protect them and use your dominant skill set to bring out the best in your submissive.  To guide and lead are skills unique to the Dominant and provide ease and comfort and boundaries for those under a Dominant’s care.

Okay, enough character debate, I want to flog sexy women because it’s hot! 😍

I had the opportunity to watch a Dominatrix flog a young man for his birthday.  Afterwards she gave him the most amazing aftercare. She became a submissive and submitted to a Dominant of her own but while she was Domne she had mad skills in flogging.  Watching her was like watching a dance.  She was mesmerizing.  I want to do that.  I also want to give someone the pleasure flogging can give.  Mmm

Okay, that’s it.  My little fantasy goal.


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