Sexual Tension

After the party wound down, Mr. D and I went to our room.  I had been trying unsuccessfully not to nod off in the middle of the board game we were playing.  It was a fun and naughty board game but I still barely stayed awake. I climbed into bed and watched Mr. D undress.  He took one look at me and said, “You look as tired as I feel.” He hadn’t slept well the night before.

He snuggled in next to me and I curled up against him.  My tiredness was there but as soon as I had his body pressed to mine all the desire pent up from earlier in the evening came flooding back.  I wanted him.  He looked down at me while my hands caressed him.  “I’m torn baby girl.  Part of me wants to roll over and go to sleep. Another part of me wants to ravage you.”

“Well, Daddy, let me know when you make a decision.”  I chuckled.

He laughed. I could tell by the tone of his voice and his hands on me that he wasn’t going to choose sleep.  Yes, yes, yes, my heart sang. He took my hand and put it between his legs. I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked him.  He was talking to me and my hand was feeling him expand and grow.  “Get between my legs baby girl.”  I rose and pulled off my top as he swung a leg over me. My lips and tongue caressed the head of his cock.  I love having it grow inside my mouth.  Slowly, I licked his length and filled my mouth with his entirety. I felt his bulbous head hit the back of my throat.  Every time I go down on him I try to maneuver myself and push him inside my throat.  I found some new tips online only that morning, so I tried them and got him inside more deeply than usual.

As I was trying my new tips I heard Mr. D’s voice. “Baby girl, listen to me.  I want you to use your mouth to show me how you want to be fucked tonight. Your moves will show me what you want.  Do you understand?”  With my lips still on him, I nodded. “Okay, go.”  I pulled my lips all the way from him.  Ever so slowly, I took the tip of him inside my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around just the tip like he teases me when he knows I want it deep.  Then I pushed him all the way inside to my throat.  I pulled him out then and teased the tip with aching slowness again.  First gentle and slow then hard swift plunging thrusts.  I continued to alternate these two moves.  That’s what I wanted.  The tease and the thrust.

“On your stomach.”  Every pore of my body was aching for him to be inside me.  But as I readied myself for him, I felt his hands on my ass pushing my legs wide.  He wasn’t mounting me, he was pleasuring me.  His face pushed up between my legs and I felt his wet, hot tongue and mouth on me.  As I languished in the sensations he provided I felt his teeth sink deeply into the flesh of the tender skin between my sex and my butt cheek.  It is so sensitive there and he bit hard.  I cried out in pain and passion.  I was shocked, I was marked, I was his to take.  Then, as I’m recovering, his teeth sank into the same area on the other side. He was driving me quickly insane with the bites on my most tender skin.

He flipped me over and entered me.  His biting had intensified our passions. We were so in tune, it was so erotic and we were so connected.  I had that sex drugged feeling I get when he has me completely in his control.  He had me wrap my legs around his body.  Then me gave me directions.  “I want you to keep your legs around me but relax your body.  Good.  Now when I tell you, you will squeeze my cock with your pussy and you won’t relax until I tell you.  Understand?”  I nodded. He began to move inside me and then he would tell me to squeeze.  I gripped him as tightly as I could.  “Good baby girl, that’s right.  Now relax.”  He continued to command me, directing me to squeeze then let go until I was so deep into it that I was panting and the pleasure was overwhelming me.

Finally, he asked me if I wanted his cum and I panted yes.  He filled me full and my body quivered around him uncontrolled.  My body had been sexual tension incarnate under his command.

It was intense and I felt the familiar floating sensation that takes away all my words.  As he held himself inside me I still felt my heart racing and my breathing was labored. He held me until I drifted back to earth and to him. “Tell me when you have your words again baby.” I never know what he’s going to do that will send me off into subspace.  It’s different things every time.  I didn’t think I had gone there but I just couldn’t talk right then so I must have slipped away.  Seems that is the tell tale sign for me.  All my need for speech disappears and  it is replaced with the most erotic cloud that holds me within the sphere of his desire.

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