10 Minutes

All I want right now is 10 minutes with him.  Okay, actually I want a full evening session of bondage, rope, spankings, dominance and the whole variety of things he’s shown me a hankering for but I’ll take 10 minutes.  Actually, scratch that.  I just want him.  Nothing fancy, nothing extra, just him naked…me naked…and friction.  That’s all I’m asking!  That’s all I want!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled broadcast. 🙂

9 thoughts on “10 Minutes

      1. miss agatha armstrong

        Sadly, I do not see mine very often at present, so serving in serenity is my only option. But when I see him, that is another matter all together. It is just when I am apart from him.

  1. miss agatha armstrong

    Thank you for your words. Although I have been in the odd world for far too many years , it has always been really on my own… And to discover writings from others … And others who write so beautifully … It has made all the difference. Again, I thank you.

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