His Way

Tonight Mr. D had his way with me. How is this any different than any other weekend we’re together, you ask? Well, honestly, I’m still working that out in my head.

It wasn’t what he did to my body.  The details of that are easy to describe.  He sat in his chair and pulled me to him.  He pushed up my dress and kissed my stomach, thighs, and back as I pulled off my dress.  He turned me around and pushed my back down so I leaned over the bed, ass presented to him.  His mouth probed me then.  His lips and tongue found my tight puckered asshole. His finger pushed inside my pussy.  His hands caressed me, fervent and sensual. “Kneel on the bed.” He commanded.

He undressed and his grip sank painfully into my hair.  His fingers touched my ass, one pushing in.  It was not comfortable, I was not ready for it, that did not matter at all.  He wanted it.  My body reacted, the traitor that it is.  His fingers plundered both my holes.  His hand continued to painfully grip my hair. Every pull on my hair sent me deeper under the spell of his control.  My body took his cues.  My pussy now wet.  My ass, however, was still not ready.  My mind was a little rebel.  Too fast, not yet, she said.  As his finger pushed in again, I flinched.  I tried not to, I had succeeded until right then.

It did not matter in the slightest.  He had control, I am his.  “Mine.” He says. 

“Yes, Daddy.” I whimpered.

“You flinched. Get up between the pillows face down.” I clambered to obey.  Again the hand grabbing my hair, again his fingers fucking me. Finally, his cock replaced them.  I moaned in relief, in ecstasy.

“Thank Daddy for fucking you.” He said. I whimpered and thanked him. “Is that the best you can do?” He pulled out, hand pulling my head up by my hair.  I cried out.

“Please Daddy!  I love it, please, thank you for fucking me.” Incoherent, halting, angst driven submissive babbling ensued.

“You are mine.  You do what I say.  Your body is mine.  You are mine.  Do you understand?!?”  

“Yes Daddy yes!” He plowed deep inside me from behind again.  Pumped me hard while I thanked him profusely for fucking me.  I couldn’t stop thanking him.  I just had to, it was imperative to my existence.  I was desperate to please him.  I was deep under his power and my whole being was filled with a desperation to do better, to please more.

With a sudden shuddering explosion he came inside me.  Panting and dizzy with his power, we both came down from that indescribable place.

I curled up into him. I felt so emotional, so vulnerable.  Yes, that’s it…raw and vulnerable.  It took me a while to swim back up through the layers and find my normal self again.

Thinking about it.  This was real, absolute Dominance and submission.  He took.  I had no choice.  My only will left was the will to obey. 

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