You Just Can’t Make This Sh!t Up

Mr. D has told me many times since I started writing about us that I don’t have to just write about this.  I asked for clarification and he said it’s not that he doesn’t like to read about us that he wants me to write about whatever I want.  The bottom line after much thought is that this is what I want to write about. I write what’s on my mind and overwhelmingly he is on my mind.

Friday night I stayed home.  I felt feverish and overwhelmed and sick, so I texted Mr. D and I stayed put.  I think it’s the first night I’ve been alone since meeting Mr. D.  Alone in my home…all by myself.  It was really weird.  I stayed up until midnight watching a movie and ate junk.   Great way to take care of myself!  Saturday morning I slept in and felt much better.  I still had a slight cough and the sniffles but it felt more like allergies than actual sickness. I asked Mr. D if he wanted me to come over still, he said yes, yay.  So, I packed up and went to his place.  When I got there he was right in the middle of making me chicken soup.  That’s pretty sweet, to have someone care for you and take care of you too. This soup is pretty incredible.  It is a Mexican chicken soup with lots of jalapeno and serrano chilies in it.  They’ll burn out whatever sickness the chicken soup doesn’t cure.  He serves it with lime and avocado. It was perfect.  Mr. D’s fingers were on fire from cutting up all those chilies.  He was joking about putting his hands on my sensitive bits like that, yikes, no thank you! We watched movies and waited for the soup to be ready.  It was a relaxing day day.

The both of us have issues this weekend.  Mr. D had a minor medical issue too and we weren’t supposed to have sex at all until he was recovered. Ugh.  We learned before, while he was recovering from surgery, that our chemistry is such that this proves to be very difficult for us.  We’re really bad at resisting each other.  So, here we are, together and its hands off.  We really did try.  We went all day without doing anything sexual.  Then, came the night.  I can’t recall what set us off, it doesn’t really matter. The next thing I remember I was kneeling on the bed as instructed and Mr. D was putting the new ball gag on me that I had bought him as a gift.  I’ve never worn one so we were testing it out.  I bought a system of three balls of different sizes that snap into the harness.  The good thing for me is that the balls had holes so I could breath.  It was pretty hot having him fit the ball into my mouth and bind it around my face.

So, there I was, ball gag in place, kneeling on all fours on the bed.  Mr. D pushed his fingers inside me.  I hadn’t planned on play so I was pretty dry down there still.  He pushed his fingers in nonetheless and I began to get wet.  It was pinchy feeling at first but I knew that would go away as I moistened and got turned on.  He worked his fingers in deep and then replaced them with a plug.  This plug expands with a pump so it stays in place.  The feel of it expanding was so filling.  Still, I felt the pinchy sensation. I thought, okay, you’re gagged and this is very hot so deal with it…I was sure the discomfort would go away soon.

Mr. D came around to my face.  I couldn’t really see him because my hair had fallen around me and the gag also had it plastered in place. On all fours I couldn’t move well.  He grabbed the harness and whispered fiercely in my ear. “You are mine.” I nodded and made affirmative noises. “You don’t get a say anymore.  You are mine to do with as I desire.  When I ask for a response then you will answer.  You are mine now. You do not have a choice in this.  Do you understand?” I nodded vigorously then.  If I hadn’t been wet before I was wet now.

Mr. D moved back behind me and knelt on the ground at the end of the bed.  I felt him pump the plug more and then his tongue was probing my asshole.  It felt provocative and intense and still the pump had that damned pinchy feeling which was sending me right out of scene.  Plus, every light in the room was on and I was feeling self-conscious in a big way all of a sudden. Actually, the feeling had been there all the while but I’d been trying to be a good sub and ignore it.  So, then I pulled the ball gag out and spoke up. Mr. D laughed but turned the lights down for me anyway. “What, Honey, you don’t like the medical flood lights on while my tongue is in your ass?” Um, no, definitely not!  I had to laugh too even though I was embarassed.  Sex can be damned funny sometimes.

So, lights dimmed and feeling better, I got back into position.  Mr. D began to push his finger into my ass.  Since we’ve started on the road to anal sex Mr. D is very much into ass play and I love it.  I love it more and more every time we are together.  I never thought I’d be as comfortable with it as I am now. It’s very exciting for both of us.  As he pushed his finger inside I felt a sharp bite on my sensitive parts.  I thought maybe it was a hang nail.  Uncomfortable but I’ll live with it.  I already spoke up once for my silly light issue, I wasn’t going to say anything else to dampen the mood again. Mr. D pushed his finger all the way in and I felt a burning sensation.  It seriously burned and the more he moved his finger in and out the hotter it got. I kept pulling away from him in little ways even though I was trying so hard to stay in the moment.  Finally, just as Mr. D pulled the pinchy plug out of my front and thrust inside me with his cock I realized the problem.  The chili peppers!  I was on fire in the front and the back from the capsaicin oil still imbedded in his skin from cooking earlier in the day.  It wasn’t pinching I was feeling…it was fire!  And just as I’m realizing this Mr. D was feeling the same thing from his contact with my fiery ‘bits’.  He said something about the heat of the friction and then I couldn’t help it, I started laughing.  I was burning everywhere and Mr. D was just starting to feel the heat so he was one step behind.  I laughed and pulled the gag out to say, “It’s the peppers!”

He shook his head and laughed too.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  He had warned me about the heat, made jokes about it earlier and still in the heat of the moment we both completely forgot about the damned chilies.  As I said, sex can be funny!

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