Deserving of Service

From Mr. D

Kneeling at my feet, she serves me
Awaiting my attention and pleasure
Looking down at her I am humbled
I am moderately embarrassed
Rationally, I know we want this
We crave this dynamic in the relationship
Giving ourselves in this manner is liberating

I push boundaries, constrain and release her
Making her life a pleasure filled test of will
I am a man; middle aged and round
I am a sailor and honorable gent
Handsome in my way and passionate
I am a domesticated wild animal
But what makes me deserving of her service

After hours of thought, I realize
She serves because of her nature
She serves me by choice and by agreement
Do I deserve her service?
I do; I deserve her service because she believes I do
In trust, in honor, in the selfish pursuit of gratification

I respect and honor her and love her in service and in life

4 thoughts on “Deserving of Service

      1. Lex Jones

        He said it perfectly. Thought-provoking and heartfelt. You have found yourself a good one, my dear! He really gets it.
        Happy for you both!

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