Last Night Part II

imagesAfter we had settled down and I had cleaned us up, I was snuggling up to Mr. D and we were enjoying each other and talking.  At one point, he snickered to himself and said, “You should have seen the look on your face when I asked you to use your words!” I had to laugh.  I hadn’t gotten how funny that line was during our play.  Sex can be hot and funny at the same time.

Mr. D was playful and wanted to tease me.  Admittedly, I was still revved up and wanted him.  He was toying with me and playing with my nipples.  He threatened to wind me up again and then roll over and go to sleep.  I was having fun playing with his nipple rings and just generally enjoying our togetherness but I wanted more.  We just had sex and I wanted him again.  Damn, I can’t seem to get enough of him when I’m with him.  Plus, he was teasing me about rolling over and going to sleep.  Something about being told that I can’t have something makes me want to pursue it even more.  I may not have wanted more sex badly enough to go chasing after it at that moment but then he took it away and that sealed the deal.  I wanted it.

I started kissing him and playing with him in more earnest ways.  I whispered in his ear and nibbled on it.  Eventually, Daddy said, “It looks like baby wants more.” I purred my acquiescence.  “Then, show Daddy.”

“Take my cock in your hand.” I reached down and held his hardness in my palm.  I began stroking him.  I love the feel of him in my hand…so soft to the touch but such hardness underneath.  “Tell me what you will do to convince me you want it.”  My lips were at his ear.  I bit his earlobe gently and whispered to him.  “First, I’ll touch your cock.”  I nibbled more.  “Then, I’ll put it in my mouth.

“Hm,” he returned the whisper, “will you run your tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock?” I made sounds in the affirmative. “Then, will you flick your tongue across the most sensitive spot at the tip?”

“Yes, Daddy, I will.” I was sure he was going to let me but he still hadn’t said yes.  I was like a taut rubber band stretched across a slingshot just waiting for release.  “May I, Daddy?” Please, let me loose to start what I ache to start!

“Yes, baby girl…go.” Finally released, I went down between his legs and put my cheek against his cock.  I rubbed his tip and then his girth over my cheeks and neck.  I wanted my lips on him but I promised to start lower and slowly.  I scooted back and dipped my head between his thighs.  I licked from under his scrotum near his ass up his balls, over the soft skin until I reached the base of his cock.  I ran my tongue up the base, feeling the pulsing there as I went.  I wrapped my tongue around his girth and flicked it across the smooth sensitive spot just below the tip of his cock.  Eager and hungry, I poised over the head of him.  I slowly, achingly slowly, opened my lips and slid the head of his cock inside my mouth.  Oh, the feel of the head in my mouth was divine.  The bulb of it pops in so easily and my lips fit right around the rim.  But then, the length of it beckons.  I must push down.  I must fill my mouth with it.  Slow, he had said, but by then I don’t want slow anymore.  I filled my mouth with him until I felt him pushing at the back of my throat.  His hips moved and his hand touched the back of my head.  I knew I was finally released from the slow pace.  I gave in to his touch and followed his lead, letting him push into the back of my throat.

For a moment, he pushes me up and leaves the bed.  He returns with the new plug with the pump.  He pushes me back on the bed and inserts the plug inside my pussy.  He pumps it up so that it fills me tightly and then turns on the vibration.  Finally, he returns to his spot on the bed.  “Continue.” I try to go back to focusing on sucking him but I’m distracted now.  The plug is huge inside me, stretching me wide and the vibration is taunting me.  His voice is also taunting me, “Is baby having a hard time focusing on my cock now?” No, I say… I won’t let this best me.  I get back to sucking him and trying to do the best damned job of it I can.

Finally, after a while, Mr. D rises and tells me to scoot up on the bed.  He takes the plug and releases the air valve.  Thankfully, it deflates and he pulls it out.  He has me get on my side and then mounts me.  His cock spears me deeply and I love it.  God, I love the feel of him deep inside filling me.  After a few strokes though, I learn that Mr. D has more on his mind.  His fingers begin to play with my exposed backside.  He takes some lube on his hand and starts working his finger inside me.  We haven’t had any anal play in two weeks and I’m divided.  I desperately want this for us but right at that moment I felt like all the previous training was out the window and we were back to the beginning.  Every ounce of my being was running from this.  His finger pushed in and I retreated.  Something in my mind just said, no, you’re not supposed to be there.

He told me to relax and stop fighting it.  I knew to listen and so I did.  I relaxed my body and let him in.  His finger pushed deep inside and suddenly all felt just right.  The pleasure washed over me then.  It is so unbelievably powerful.  His fingers taper and so the tip feels small but as he pushes it in then it fills me more and more until I feel stretched when he’s all the way in.  I moaned loudly into the pillow under my face.  Once he was all the way in, he began fucking my pussy again.  I moaned even more.  The combination is incredibly heady.  I didn’t realize then but Mr. D was taking me further tonight then we have been before.

Once he was deep into the rhythm of his cock moving inside my pussy his finger started moving in my ass.  He pulled it out and I breathed and then he pushed his finger in at the same time he thrust inside my pussy.  I cried out with the dual pleasure of it.  My head was buried in the pillow and my hands grabbed the edge of the bed to brace myself.  He began simultaneously fucking me in both places.  His cock and his finger must have been meeting inside me.   The pleasure was so incredible and beyond sensitive. I couldn’t help the sounds I made, I was just gone.  I rode wave after wave of pleasure so intense that it carried me away.  I felt and heard Mr. D thrust deeply one final time and release himself deep inside of me.  The sounds he makes when he comes filled my ears and my heart with joy.  It was so amazing.

I don’t know when we’ll finally move to having full anal sex but that night was a really big step and so exceptionally hot.  I’m completely addicted to this.

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