Last Night


I have a post that I need to write but I’ll write about last night while it is fresh in my mind first.

I haven’t been with Mr. D since last weekend and then we only had a couple hours.  I have missed his touch and his presence immensely.  I hate that feeling of him slipping away from me while we are apart.  He feels distant and not within reach, not connected.  Last night we reconnected.  We went to dinner and had a nice meal.

When we got home we settled into bed to snuggle and talk while our meal digested.  It was late but I wanted him and I was pretty sure he wanted me too.  I wore a dress I bought for him.  I was going to take a picture for you lovelies but, well, I got carried away and forgot.  Maybe, I’ll put it back on later to show you.  It is black, hugs my every curve and has a gold zipper that goes from right between my breasts all the way down to the hem above my knees.  Yummy, especially since Mr. D loves it, that’s the best part.  I wore the push up bra I bought while we were on vacation.  I felt fine for him.

While we were snuggled in bed, I left on my dress.  Honestly, I wanted to take it off for him so I left it on instead of changing into something easier.  His hands were on me and I reveled in the feel of his skin under my own fingers.  I crave the feel of his fur under my fingertips, I really do.  He pulled the zipper down and exposed my cleavage to his hands.  He reached in and pulled my nipple from its place nestled in the black material.  His lips and tongue captured it and began to tease me in earnest.  His teeth grazed my nipple just a bit harder than I expected and I whimpered.  “Oh, oh,” he teased.  “What, my love?” Not wanting an answer he moved to my other nipple and continued the same treatment to that one.  I squirmed with need.  His ministrations were making me ache for his cock inside me.  How desperately I began to need him.

“I want you naked now.” He commanded. I rose to stand at the side of the bed and slowly unzipped the dress until it fell open.  I let the dress fall and slipped out of the straps of the bra.  I let it fall to the floor and then slid out of the black g-string panties.  I crawled back into the bed next to Daddy.  He pushed me back and lifted my legs to slide down between them.  His mouth claimed my pussy then.  His lips and tongue surrounded my clit and worked me into a heightened state.

He moved up my body and I felt him push the tip of his cock inside me.  The need whips up into a fervor inside me.  He knows it.  I want him to thrust hard into me.  His tongue and lips have set the stage.  But he waits there, sliding the tip in…just giving me the tease.  He’s smiling a shit eating grin.  He knows exactly what he’s doing to me.  “Is that good baby?” He drawls.

“Mmm, yes Daddy.” It’s killing me but I won’t give in just yet.  He holds there toying with me. “Is this what you want baby?” His slow taunting words drip feigned sweetness.  I’m dying.  I want him and I want it hard and now and damn if he’s going to win.  “Please Daddy, please!” Then, only then does he fill me with the full length of him.  And oh, then I’m in heaven.  The sensation of him filling me just sends me completely over the edge.  My eyes close, my mind loses any thought other than the feeling.  Only after a few moments do I look up to see him above me.  I wanted to look at him, see him.  I love how he looks when he’s fucking me.

His eyes were on me then.  He so owns me.  It’s really incredible how the connection feels between us.  He is there with me and yet I can see his mind switch gears and I feel him lean down close to my face.  Then his hand is in my mouth and he is hooking his fingers down the back of my throat.  Oh God, the control he has over me.  I can barely breathe.  He consumes me in those moments. “What are you?” He asks.  I am completely gone and then he asks me a question?  I swear I have to rise up from the bottom of the lake of my mind to regain control of speech.  His fingers come out of my mouth and caress my lips. “Use your words baby.” I’m still coming up for air and his eyes are waiting, he’s waiting for an answer.  I must answer him!

“I’m yours Daddy.”  Slowly the mind reengages.  “That’s right, MINE.” He says.  A wave of happiness and lust suddenly rush over me.  His cock, all the while has been sliding in and out of me keeping me panting.  “I’m your slut Daddy.  I’m your girl Daddy.  I’m yours, yes, Yours!” My tongue finally engaged and a flood of words came.  Then Daddy took over.  He held me tight to him and whispered such intoxicating words to me.  “Yes, baby girl, you are mine.  You are my slut.  You are dirty little slut and you will do whatever pleases me.  You are for me. You are my precious.”

Then Daddy let loose and filled me so full.  I love the heat we have, the heat we create between us.  Mmm, damn.

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