Stolen Kisses

Mr. D and I went on a trip to see his good friends for the holiday.  While I was getting ready to board the plane Mr. D let me know that we wouldn’t have a room to ourselves while we were on the trip.  Part of me was sad for that because when we’re together we haven’t been able to keep our hands off each other.  I knew his friends were sexually open but I wasn’t really sure how this would play out.

Prior to my arriving on the scene with Mr. D, he had lived with and played with the couples we were going to meet.  So, being the new person, I tried to just relax and go with whatever happened.  We were going to stay in the master bedroom with his closest friends, a couple.  I was happy to spend time with them.  I had met them on a previous trip and found them to be some of the most wonderful people I’ve had the good fortune to meet.  I was excited to see them and especially to have four days with my lover.  Time…it is always our most limited and most sought after commodity.  I planned to savor every minute.

The first night we went to dinner and I got to know the second couple that was also visiting.  Afterwards, we went back to the house and the men smoked cigars and relaxed.  At one point, Mr. D took my hand and led me up to our bed.  The Lady of the House was already in her bed sleeping, or so we thought.  Mr. D and I hadn’t been together for a week and needed each other badly.  We had very quiet sex on our air mattress at the foot of her bed, trying not to wake her up.  Just as we were finishing, the man of the house came in the bedroom.  Mr. D was still on top of me and he raised his hand in a wave and said, “Hey, Brother” to his friend.  I was hidden, thankfully, so I didn’t see his face but I had to laugh at the situation.  Once, he came in his wife said, “Can I get up now?”  Apparently, we had more audience then we had thought.

The lovely thing about being around other kinky people is that none of this bothered them or us.  It was so incredibly normal.  I have realized that if everyone around me is relaxed, so am I.  Throughout the weekend, we all dressed and showered and talked in various states of nudity and I loved it all.  They are such an easy couple to be around.  I love them both so much already.  It’s amazing how close you can feel to some folks so quickly and others hold you at arms distance forever.  Anyhow, I am so thankful to know Mr. D’s friends and feel this way about them.

As for play between us and others…it did not happen.  I allowed myself to be open to it if it did.  I enjoyed naked hot tub time and snuggling with the girls time and was able to give the Lady of the House and another good friend short massages during the festivities.  I would have loved to have been there longer and given some full body massages.  I love when people let me touch them.  I love the intimacy and how touch helps people relax and gives them pleasure.  It’s love and sharing and I’m totally hooked on that kind of giving.

Mr. D and I ended up having sex at least once every day we were there.  Twice we were on the floor with two little dogs watching the whole event.  One of the dogs kept trying to see if we were okay.  Perhaps, all the noise we were making had them concerned.  Twice the Lady of the House was our audience and once we made love to the orchestrated sounds of snoring from the Master of the House.  All-in-all, it was a really great trip.

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