Mr. D


Shining Light

Times like these challenge my sanity
Awash in the clamor of the city
Senses overloaded by noise
Breathing in the sweat of the masses
Clamoring against the ringing of the ignorant
Filled with angst and brought low

Until you

I have been elevated by you
Senses purified by your scent
Reinvigorated by our passion
Refreshed in the embrace of you
Relishing your intelligence and love
Daring not to wake from this dream

Truly awakened

Filled with dark desire and lust
Demanding you serve in joy
Challenging your limits
Accepting your love and need
Needing your ardor and submission
Mine, you are MINE now and forever

Lighting my way

My solace from the storm beyond
And yet, creator of the storms within
Tidal waves of emotion crash upon me
Avalanches of pleasure and longing take my breath
Passion is truth as we navigate this life
My Shining Light showing me safely home to her embrace

December 12, 2014

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