act-570660_1920I feel myself awakening in fits and starts. I wore a dress everyday this week to honor Mr.D, my Daddy, my Dominant. I feel myself flourishing in the glow of our connection. I want to be more than I am now so that he is proud and honored of his ownership of me.

He touches me and my every fiber awakens and the tiny bud of me unfurls and looks to his presence above me.

I feel small sometimes, as if I am very little but for the things I do and the responsibilities I have. The me of me is very tiny. The responsibilities for others are all consuming. I am mom. I am work. I am community. I am caregiver. But the me of me is imperceptible.

Until I am with him. Then all that I am blossoms under his touch. For him. I am his. He is mine. I am alive in the glow of us.

Image courtesy of Pixabay through CC0 Public Domain

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