Revelation, An Epiphany

Revelation… An Epiphany

My Baby came to me this weekend
Friday night to Monday morn
I am truly sated
Filled to capacity with emotion
Overwhelmed by her submission
Overjoyed by her trust
Madly incoherent in my desire
Tortured in my need for her presence
Unadulterated in my need for her physicality

She is my Muse
She is inspiration
She is sex of the raw and open sort
She is submission of will
She is accommodation
She is sensual and relentless in devotion
She is dreams of wants, of wisps of torment
She is a drug
Epitomizing femininity
She consumes my thoughts

I hunger for her
Even while basking
Relishing the claiming of her body and mind
Captivating and subjugating her will
Tormenting us both
Exploring the depths of our need
Commanding; demanding her assent
I made her the center of my universe
Paying homage to her while extracting her will
As she is mine; hopelessly, I am hers

November 17, 2014

Mr. D’s words, my heart. He fills my emotions to overflowing.

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