Last night I was a bad girl.  Not on purpose.  I hear that term, “she was a bad girl”and I know these days it’s used more as a joke.  Dirty girl, playful, teasing, bratty sub.  No, not like that.  I have thought long and hard about being submissive and, though I can be a very playful person, this I take very seriously.  My personal thought is that by being a good girl, you reap the rewards of a good Master.  A Master who is pleased with you and ultimately served by your goodness and joy in service will give you what you crave….what you need.  It may not even be what you think you need.  That’s the point, really.  He is Master, it is his choice and his responsibility to lead.  My responsibility is to follow and to understand that he knows what I need and when.  Being the bratty sub is a cop out.  It is not following or serving in the true sense.  So, stepping off my soapbox, I’ll tell you how I was bad.

I had a long and busy day, but I was so excited yesterday knowing that I would be with Mr. D…finally.  We had a whole weekend ahead of us and it was to start Friday night.  I wanted to serve him and take care of him.  I feel so grateful for his patience with my life and how much we have been apart lately.  I wanted to pamper him like he has pampered me.  I got home, ran to the store, came home and made lasagna.  As soon as it was in the oven, I jumped in the shower, put on a pretty dress and packed.  After taking care of other life details so I could leave home for the weekend, I packed myself and dinner into the car.  I had a little breathing time on the drive.  I love driving for that.  It gives me the time to take a breath and wind down which I don’t seem to allow myself any other time.

When I arrived at Mr. D’s place I put everything in the kitchen, put the lasagna in the oven and went in to greet him.  I was so happy to see him and bask in his presence.  We talked, we caught up and then I went back into the kitchen to finish the garlic bread and serve our dinner. We sat and ate and talked more.  After cleaning up, he said we would retire to his room.

I went to the bathroom and took off my dress.  I wanted to be naked for him. I came out of the bathroom and I felt a change.  He was commanding, I could see by his look that he would accept nothing but my complete acquiescence.

“Get on the bed and lie face down.” He spoke softly with full authority.

I did as he said immediately.  I wouldn’t want to know what would happen if I didn’t. His body pressed me down into the mattress. His hand went under my face and around my neck.  He squeezed tightly on my neck.  He had my complete and undivided attention.  My hair covered my face, my eyes were wide.  All I could sense was him.  His hot breath was at my ear.

“Your were a bad girl tonight and you will be punished.  Do you understand?”

My breath came in ragged gasps as his big hand constricted my windpipe.  Suddenly, I knew he was right.  I had been bad. I had forgotten to kneel to him when arriving at his home.  Damn, how could I forget?  I had wanted so much to please him and yet I had failed miserably.

“Yes, Daddy, I understand”.

“Do you now what you did wrong?”

“Yes, Daddy, I didn’t greet you properly.” My heart sank.  Not because I was to be punished but because I had failed to please. His breath in my ear and his hand on my throat were so harsh, so threatening, yet so heady and intoxicating.

His other hand caressed my exposed, ass.  I tried to calm my breathing but I couldn’t. I knew what was coming.  Mr. D doesn’t tease.  He delivers authentically. His hand lifted up and came down with a hard stinging swat to my left butt cheek.  The sting was intense.  No warm-up, no toying with me.  This was punishment not play. He immediately moved to a slap just as hard to the other cheek.  Two or three swats to each side of my ass and it was on fire.  I squirmed this way and that to escape.

“Keep squirming baby girl, that’s cute. I like it, but you aren’t getting away from this.  Spread your legs.” His fingers pushed between my legs, rubbing my clit hard and then pushing deep inside me.  It was shocking, coming so fast, my ass still burning but it made me moan so loud with the intensity.  As soon as I started to turn to putty in his hands I felt his palm on my ass again.  His hand squeezed around my neck and he began to spank me hard again.  The sting was so raw, so much so that I wanted to run, I wanted to beg him to stop.  I held onto his hand around my throat for support, for an anchor.  I was tossed about on a wave of pain.

His hand pulled back and his fingers pushed inside me again. Just as quickly they pulled back out and his palm caressed my burning ass cheeks.  He was toying with me now.  I know he was talking to me but I have no recollection what he said.  My mind was in turmoil.  His whisper heated my ear, his hand choked my throat, his other hand began to spank all over the entirety of my ass in little warm-up spanks.  It gave me a very small chance to slow down my breathing.  I knew more was to come and I wanted to be able to take it.  I took a breath and closed my eyes.

Just as soon as I took that breath he began to spank me in earnest again.  It stung so bad, I cried out.  I couldn’t help it.  “No Daddy, please.” I said it over and over as the biting sting of his hand tormented my ass.  I tried to say it under my breath but I desperately needed to beg for it to stop.  He pulled me up by my neck and stopped spanking for a moment.

His fingers plunged inside me again.  “Mmm, you are so wet.  Daddy likes that.”  He fingered me a minute and whispered in my ear while I moaned.

‘”Little girl, I know you want more punishment, don’t you?”  He knew damned well I didn’t but he wanted in my head.  “In a minute, you are going to beg for it for me.”

Anything but that.  In that state, I wanted nothing except for him to stop.  He knew.  But he wanted me to beg for more and knew the torture of that.  I tried to speak, I opened my mouth but I just couldn’t speak the words.

“Beg for it Bitch!” His words spat out over me.

“Please Daddy….spank me.” Oh God, not more, I can’t take any more!  I scrunched my eyes closed and held onto his arm and his other hand punished my ass hard and fast one last time.  The pain was intense, my ass was throbbing.  Then he was on top of me, positioning himself over me.  He raised me up on my knees and pushed his hard cock deep inside me.  I needed him inside me so bad by then.  I cried out with the pleasure of feeling his hardness plumbing me, his body covering mine.  He filled me for a few strokes then flipped me over.

“I want to see you.” He said.  By then, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything but what he wanted.  I wrapped my legs around him and looked up into his eyes.  He plunged his cock deep inside me and I writhed as he fucked he deep and hard.    His eyes pierced my soul as I felt his cock stretch me wide.  I vibrated around him as I felt his orgasm roll over us both.  His deep voice filled me with joy and I heard his pleasure and his release.   I felt so fully sated and full of joy when he fell on top of me.

The last thought I had as I fell asleep last night was that I’ve never been so divided.  When he was spanking me it hurt so much and I only wanted it to stop. But when it stopped, I wondered when it would start again and wanted more.  I’ve never felt so torn.  I’ve been spanked before but never like Mr. D spanks me.  It’s real, it’s visceral, it hurts.  It also burns a fire within me for him and for more.

4 thoughts on “Punishment

  1. It’s supposed to be like this between submissive and Master. I enjoyed reading your story most because it’s so hard to find other subs who understand the concept of what it truly means to be submissive and not “bratty”, it’s not a game. Thank you.

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