Time and Need

Time and need
Months of stealing time
Hours here, a minute there
Basking while watching the clock
Needing her but not complicating her life
Wanting more; always more
Soon very soon
My heart racing
My libido throbbing
Craving intimacy and touch
Begging from the top
Her body in my arms
Her acquiescence feeding my soul
Her will becoming mine
Burning ever brighter
Desire fills me
I know need
Needing her touch
Needing her taste
Needing her focus
Needing her submission
I want her in my control
Protected from all but me and time
My time to torment, tease, and torture
My time to bathe in her light
Eliciting pleasure at her torment
Soon, my time will be at hand
I hear her even now
Begging Daddy to enter her
To take her and use her
I wait and plot and know
My time is coming…
November 12, 2014
Photo courtesy of Pixabay under CC Public Domain

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