Kissing You


Kissing You

There is that look

Come hither it says

Your eyes pull me

Lips beckon

I’m caught and exposed

I lean in

Your hand on my chest

My own in your hair

Whimpers escape

Echoing my own need

Lips touch lightly

Sensually graphic

Brushing languidly

Mouths form a bond

Parting, nipping, pulling

Exploring, tongues meet

Waves of euphoria drown me

Thought stops

Caught in the moment

And carried away

My soul finds peace

On your lips I soar

My heart given wings

My spirit boundless

My need quenched and yearning still

We separate yet you hover above my lips

Your breath on my cheek and neck

Hot and steamy

The lips of a goddess

I must taste you again

I pull you back to me

Covering your lips with my own

Kissing is passion

Kissing you is life

July 7, 2014

I found this poem from Mr. D in my files.  I don’t think I’ve shared it before.  I haven’t seen him this week and all I want his to feel his lips and his blue eyes upon me.

Image from Pixabay and used under CC0 Public Domain

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